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Feedback from customers about UDR's involvement in the mobile market has shown that the QR 2-D bar code has also been extremely positive, Taraborelli said.
Each cassette can be a portable mini-database, storing critical information in a tiny, yet durable 2-D bar code that is readable and scannable from start to finish.
The two established types of linear bar code label verifiers--portable and on-line--have been joined recently by a verifier built to check 2-D bar codes.
Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags also act as portable data files and can carry even more data than a typical 2-D bar code. The comparative cost of these tags (dollars) to bar code labels (a fraction of a penny) has long been a sticking point to their wide use in warehousing and manufacturing.
The new system replaces the packing list with a 2-D bar code label using the PDF-417 symbology.
Instead, the Army would rather have the ASN information contained in a 2-D bar code symbol, or read into a smart card, RF tag, or mag stripe.
Average annual growth in 2-D bar code use, 1995 to 2000 Automotive 110% Wholesaling 105% Electronics 85% Pharmaceuticals 82% Food/beverage 80% Retail 62% Aerospace 51% Transportation 33% 1995 = $14.9 million 2000 = $200 million Source: Venture Development Corp.
* Digitized photos and even fingerprints will be a part of 2-D bar code files on a range of identification cards.
Tom: And whether an end user is printing a 2-D bar code or a high-density standard bar code, a breakthrough in thermal transfer technology from Intermec is sure to improve the printed image with 400 dots/in.
This is the first time that a 2-D bar code will be used to sort such large volumes of packages-150,000 an hour by 1997.
The box on this page details the availability of scanners by 2-D bar code.
Embedded in digital signage content, these scannable 2-D bar codes provide specific information focused directly on the consumer at exactly the right time, and in the right place.