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the second of two books of the Old Testament that tell of Saul and David

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However, one should simply note the consequences which result from David's actions in 2 Samuel 12.
Iam concerned with 1 Samuel 31 only, and I will not engage Saul's death as portrayed in 2 Samuel 1 here.
The theological stance taken by Samuel finds a degree of practical confirmation in the words of Israel in 2 Samuel 5:2, and also by the observations noted above concerning the beginning of the physical manifestation of Saul's rejection.
Moreover, 2 Samuel 2:8 makes it obvious that a son of Saul, Ishbaal (reading Ishbaal for MT Ish-bosheth), lives on beyond the deaths of Saul and his other sons.
1 Samuel 24:4, 6, 10; 26:9, 11, 23; 2 Samuel 1:14; see also 2 Samuel 19:21.
Campbell dates the bulk of the material on David's middle years in 2 Samuel 11-20 to the beginning of the so-called Northern Kingdom of Israel under king Jeroboam in the late tenth century, and thus leaves enough time from David's reign for the story-tellers to have become critical towards this national ideal of Judah (pp.
A second important idea regarding the literary growth of 2 Samuel is Campbell's postulating of a prophetic record spanning from 1 Sam 1:1-1 Kings 11, written by prophetic circles connected to Elisha and building on earlier traditions (e.
The third underlying assumption to Campbell's analysis of 2 Samuel is the so-called Josianic Deuteronomistic History, stretching from Deuteronomy through 2 Kings, written in the late seventh century, and describing David as a model figure.
These make the commentary a most helpful guide through the current scholarly debate on 2 Samuel.
If one supposes, as does Campbell, that most of the material of 2 Samuel stems from the Davidic kingdom, this should, to my mind, lead to a different conclusion.