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pronouns and verbs used to refer to the speaker or writer of the language in which they occur

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However, this ranking predicts two-argument-agreement in all transitive forms with one 3pl and one 1st person argument, such as in a 1du [right arrow] 3pl configuration, but in this and other such forms Dumi actually shows single-argument agreement with the 1st-person argument:
A long pronoun occurred in the 1st-person forms, mostly with the verb tahtma 'to want': mina tahaks 'I would want', mina ei tahaks 'I would not want'.
He also shows that the philosophical "explanation" of the asymmetry in terms of the picture of a hidden inner realm leads the philosopher to a wholly mistaken conception of the role of introspection (or turning the attention inwards), in the 1st-person case, and of trying to guess what is going on within someone, in the 3rd-person case.