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the competitor who finishes second

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Qantas took the top award in the Large Fleet (25 or more) category, with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines being named as 1st Runner-Up and Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd as 2nd Runner-Up.
August winner Ric Nangel who like Vivero had 24-handicap per game didn't have a chance against the inspired play of Vivero and settled for 1st runner-up on 396.
Mixed doubles category : Champion Suprijadi and Gugun Gunawan (Indonesia), 1st runner-up : Doan Kien Trung and Le Van Hoan (Vietnam), 2nd runner-up Winston Dean Almeda and Roger Bunao (Philippines)
Here are the awardees: Inter-Company Division Group A -- Caltex champion, Saudi Diyar: 1st runner-up, ALJ Toyota Quality Services 2nd runner-up, Barangay Fame 3rd runner-up; mythical five John Dorado (ALJ Quality Services), Gerry Miramonte (Barangay Fame), Gerald De Leon (Saudi Diyar), Ricky Reloj (Caltex) and Michael Burgos (Caltex); Jess Belardo (Caltex) best coach; Ricky Reloj (Caltex) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Inter-Company Division Group B -- Carrefour champion, Hanco Maintenance 1st runner-up, Mr.
The awardees are as follows: Inter-Company Division Group A -- Almabani champion, Jeddah Eagles 1st runner-up, ALJ Used Cars 2nd runner-up, Uptown 966 3rd runner-up; Mythical five players Alberto Bandiola (Uptown 966), Nap Peredo (ALJ Used Cars), Loyola (Almabani), Caguioa (Almabani) and Alfred (Jeddah Eagles).