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a commissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines ranking above a 2nd lieutenant and below a captain

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Former HMS Zetland crew member George Southern presents a photograph to Nicky Robinson, 1st Lieutenant, Redcar Sea Cadets during a recent visit
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Army Chief of Staff 1st lieutenant General Babekir Zebari discussed with German sub Defense Minister Krobl Marcos and the accompanying delegation means to stop the flow of foreign terrorists into Iraq.
He served in the Pacific Theatre as a 1st Lieutenant in the 1886th Engineer Aviation Battalion.
"The defendants, who include an officer ranked as 1st Lieutenant, are also accused of aggressing the man during the interrogation so as to extort confessions under duress", said Advocate General, Head of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Nawaf Abdulla Hamza.
Zilenziger was also a graduate of Pennsylvania Military College (PMC), served as a 1st Lieutenant in the Korean War in the 2nd infantry regiment and received the Bronze Star.
Military College (PMC) as well as having served as a 1st Lieutenant in the Korean War in the 2nd infantry regiment and received the Bronze Star.
In 1975 at the rank of 1st Lieutenant he rebelled against Khartoum again from Akobo military barrack, warning of imminent Khartoum's violation of the Addis Ababa agreement.
(118) Interview with Y, 1st Lieutenant, and C, 1st Lieutenant,
Army as a 1st lieutenant. He worked in the construction field until his retirement.
The overnight operation was conducted in the Zikarkhel area of Baghlan-i-Markazi district, 1st Lieutenant Stiff, in charge of the ISAF media office in the province, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
contingent in Afghanistan bring home the body of 1st Lieutenant Majid Amir Abu
The source said that 1st Lieutenant Majid Amir Abu Qdairi was killed in the blast that targeted the aid convoy in Logar region in Afghanistan, adding that Sergeant Khalil Ismail Ali Shatti, Sergeant Ismail Mohammad Bani Ismail, Corporal "Mohamed Khair" Mamdouh Amour and Private Mikhled Siah Kleep Mar'ayah were injured and they were now in good conditions.
The Royal chatted to Andrew Kinard, 28, a former 1st Lieutenant with the US Marines who lost both his legs in 2006 while on a foot patrol in western Iraq after insurgents targeted him with an IED.
She was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the army before resigning to get married to David in 1978, whom she met while on her course in London
One basic salary for Omani civilians occupants of the third financial grade and above at the grades scale of the civil service and its equivalent at the other service systems and military personnel from 1st lieutenant rank and above.