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(baseball) the person who plays first base

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The 1st base coach eyes the runner, the 3rd base coach the bunter.
Contact creates listening and vision reactions by the runner on where the ball is going and possibly "back" call by the 1st base coach on a pop-up.
Many errors have occurred with the 2nd baseman racing to cover 1st base.
The key to this play is to keep that runner on 1st base from scoring.
The 1st baseman, shortstop, and pitcher are the players with significantly different roles when a player is on 1st base in this situation.
C receives bunt defense sign from 3rd baseman, then calls a pitch-out and delivers a strong throw to the left side of 1st base.
What are the keys to the right-hander's pick-off move to 1st base and a left-hander's pick-off move to 3rd base?
A ball is fair when it goes over 3rd base or 1st base fair or a ball that hits inside the fair line.
Pitcher covers 1st base on a ball hit by the coach between 1st and 2nd.
Catcher, 3rd Base, 1st Baseman practice the 5-2-3 double play, with the infield coach hitting ground balls to the 3rd baseman, who fields the ball and throw to the catcher, who then goes to 1st base.
To initiate the rundown between 3rd and home, the RH pitcher must use a special move, borrowing from the tricky LH pickoff at 1st base.
Backs up throws to the 1st base area and becomes responsible for 1st base if the pitcher doesn't get there in time.
As soon as the ball passes his head, he breaks for 1st base to cover in case of a rubdown.