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emergency care given before regular medical aid can be obtained

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Also included are a fixed Benchmade Bone Collector knife, a folding Puma pocket knife, an electronic Wind Detector, a hard side gun case and one thing we hope you'll never have to use: a ResQ-Pak 1st aid kit capable of stopping life-threatening bleeding until you can get medical assistance.
Next I will do my Kids' Emergency 1st Aid course and my mum and I will do our
If you want more information on the care of athletic injuries, contact EMP America for the Sports Medicine 1st Aid Class; Cramer Products for the Injury Video Series; or Career Publishing, Inc.
Table 4: Leading First Aid Kit Brands in the US (2007): Percentage Breakdown By Unit Sales for Johnson & Johnson 1st Aid to Go, Johnson & Johnson, First Aid Only and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-2
Tenders are invited for Light Motor Driving Training:-Course:Light Motor vehicle Driving Training for 30 days with due regard to road safety awareness & 1st aid treatment (practical/ theoretical).
Next I will do my KidseIU Emergency 1st Aid course and my mum and I will do our
Topics discussed during the youth congress were Anti-Drug Abuse campaign; Anti-smoking and Alcoholism awareness campaign; Youth Values Formation and Reorientation; Reproductive Health/HIV/AIDS awareness campaign; Orientation on DRRM and Climate Change; 1st Aid and Rescue Operations; Public Speaking with Skills on hosting, events management and program facilitation; Sports Management; Martial Arts and Self defense;and Photography and Photo editing, to mention a few.
Table 27: Leading Brands of First Aid Kits in the US (2006- 2007): Value Sales in US$ Million for Johnson & Johnson, First Aid Only, Johnson & Johnson 1st Aid to Go, Johnson & Johnson First Aid, and First Years 116