World War I

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I wrote recently stating that we could take a lesson from Germany after the 1st World War when they were in a similar state to us now.
It could have been time prior to the 1st World War, the 2nd World War or the Iraq invasion for that matter.
All the same, from the 1890s to the outbreak of the 1st World War, the guard ensemble played more frequently for the local Czech organisations, who were reluctant to turn to the town orchestra.
A standard Russian infantry rifle since the 1st World War, the M91/30 Mosin-Nagant fires a rimmed cartridge--the 7.
REFLECTING HISTORY: The cafe at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital, Holmfirth (left) needs a name in keeping with its post 1st World War past
Recorded: before the 1st World War (recordings of F.