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a sergeant in the Army above the rank of staff sergeant and below master sergeant

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Abdo Jasser, his companion 1st Sgt. Ziad al-Mais and other military personnel in Majdal Anjar, last October.
"The goal is that in each platoon, there will be a photographer," explained 1st Sgt. Or Rodansky, one of the field photographers who teach the course.
Before leaving for Iraq in December 2004, Army 1st Sgt. Bill Krawczyk ran six to eight miles a day.
This year, as of Saturday, that number was between 15,000 and 18,000, 1st Sgt. Alejandro Quiroz said.
Marine Corps 1st Sgt. Jamal Baadani, who was the master of ceremonies for the event.
In their statements, Mayo and Leahy each described killing at least one of the Iraqi detainees on instructions from 1st Sgt. John E.
Despite some early confusion and many casualties, the unit came with a clear plan and demonstrated effective command-and-control capabilities, said 1st Sgt. James Stallworth, an observer-controller monitoring the lane.
The artist used a photograph of a real American soldier, 1st Sgt. Glen Simpson, who posed for the sculpture." (26) Several press releases told of further details:
1st Sgt. Earl Senter said the tent and the equipment set up at the 62nd Medical Brigade headquarters site is what the unit would take on deployments.
"This took months of preparation, from the ground to the battalion commander," said 1st Sgt. Hopeton Staple of the 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion from Seoul, Korea.
At the end of the ceremonies, 1st Sgt. Don Oka placed the carnation he received honoring his wartime service against the monument panel bearing the name Sgt.
"We do not set him aside or give him any special treatment," said 1st Sgt. Sandra Torres-Pintos, Drill Instructor School first sergeant.
22, now 1st Sgt. Braegelmann, of the 353rd Transportation Co., Buffalo, Minn., saw what a ten years can bring in military transportation transformation.
The statement identified the victim as 1st Sgt. Barakat Khachfe.