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(baseball) the person who plays first base

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Ground ball to each infielder's left, who throws to 1st baseman, who throws to catcher.
Ball is thrown to 2nd base and then 1st for the double play - with 1st baseman returning ball to catcher.
The 1st baseman is the trail man on the tandem relay and directs the throw to either home plate or 3rd base--if a throw is needed.
The back-up 1st baseman will take the throw when the other 1st baseman is fielding a dribbler.
2nd baseman and 1st baseman play up and they take normal fungo throwing to home for an out.
If the ball falls safely, the 1st baseman is in position to be near first in case an over-anxious batter/runner is trapped between 1st and 2nd and a rundown ensues.
Thus, using the pitcher as a cutoff man "frees up" the 1st baseman to be near his bag.
2B covers 1st; if 1st baseman covers the bag, assumes back-up position.
SS covers 2B in manner of a 1st baseman, enabling him to stretch and adjust to bad throws.
Back-Up 2nd baseman and SS roll ground balls to the starting 2nd baseman and SS, who practice turning the double play at 2nd base and throwing to the 1st baseman.
SS: The infield coach hits slow ground balls that the SS charges and throws to the 1st baseman.
With a runner on base, what should the 3rd baseman do each time the 1st baseman throws to the pitcher?
He should back-up the pitcher in case the 1st baseman makes a bad throw.
Upon hearing the call from the 1st baseman, he breaks to 2nd base to cover the bag and help on the rundown.
Upon hearing the 1st baseman call "step off," he steps off the back of the rubber, checks the runner at 3rd, and then throws to the 2nd baseman (in the baseline) or the SS at the bag, depending upon the location of the runner.