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commemorates Saint Peter's miraculous deliverance from prison

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Please meet at Cowpen Crematorium on Monday 1st August at 10.
Funeral service to be held at The Heart of England Crematorium, Nuneaton, on Monday 1st August at 11:15am.
at Witton Cemetery Chapel on Friday 1st August 2014 at 2.
A 1st August B 1st September C 1st October D 1st November QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: In which country did the 2013 G20 summit of heads of government take place?
From 1st August the airline will add three more flights a week and will be operating a daily scheduled flight between Dubai and Cyprus and onwards to Malta.
00 [pounds sterling] 65 on 1st August Where one or both members 35.
THE RESERVE Bank of India (RBI) has instructed banks to mull over debt restructure of the ailing textiles sector on a case-by-case basis between 1st August and 30th October.
Derek Brockway @DerekTheWeather: Happy 1st August everyone.
PNN On Wednesday 1st August, Israeli occupation forces arrested at dawn, Project Coordinator at Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Jericho, Dr.
Albrecht Bamler (54) will be the new Head of Communications of the Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Stuttgart, starting 1st August 2012.
Funeral Service at Oakley Wood Crematorium (South Chapel) on Wednesday 1st August at 1.
It appears that the few Pan-Africanists around the world will have to demonstrate to others the need For Wainbu's 1st August "Day of Silence".
5percent will be applied on all telecom services from 1st august.
Bob will step down from the board on 1st August and will remain in the business until his retirement on 30th September 2011.
Emirates is set to add a new European country to its ever expanding route network when the Dubai-based international airline launches non-stop, daily flights to Copenhagen in Denmark on 1st August.