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indicating the beginning unit in a series


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DENBIGH Mixed Exchange comp (Prenton GC): 1st Kevin Parry and Jane Williams 38pts, 2nd Don Walmsley and Sue Walmsley 38, 3rd Emlyn Pierce and Pauline Pierce 37.
Livingston Cup Round 5: Division A 1st L Chaytor 72- 6-66; Division B 1st R King 77-12-65; Division C 1st D Eddy 87-21-66 June Monthly Medal: 1st BJ Chandler 84-20 = 64, 2nd B Needham 77-10 = 67, 3rd CM Robinson 84-17 = 67.
Seniors Stableford: 1st W Mike Jones 40pts, 2nd Steve Baggaley 36, 3rd Roy Tickle 34.
Luna was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Vilseck, Germany.
ANY OTHER CONTINENTALS: Class 9 : Shearling Ram 1st R N Howie Class 10: Ram Lamb 1st R N Howie Class 11 : Ewe Lamb 1st R N Howie.
Getting the out at 1st base is the primary objective, only throw to 2nd if you're you sure can get the out.
The initiative in which 1st Rochdale is participating will focus on homes that are able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by increasing their energy efficiency.
1st eTech will employ Hitachi's smart card technology in a marketing demonstration at the upcoming COMDEX 2000 international technology show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from November 13 through 17.
As an officer, Batman participated in marketing, operations and financial affairs, which offered him the fundamentals he would later rely on at 1st Global.
Landmark National is a strong institution with the same target market and customer-driven focus that we emphasize at 1st Pacific," said Vince Siciliano, president and CEO of 1st Pacific Bancorp.
12 Hole Stableford: 1st Ian Marsden 31pts, 2nd Dennis Roberts 23.
1, Combat Service Support Group 11, 1st Force Service Support Group, I MEF, Leesburg Lake, Fla.
Other aviation winners were: Military funded newspapers, small deployed units: 1st, Take Notice/Gator Gazette, Belleau Wood (LHA 3); 2nd, The Guardian, George Washington (CVN 73); 3rd, Give 'Em Hell Herald, Harry S.
Thurgood, the chairman and CEO of 1st Rochdale Cooperative Group, a full-service energy co-op serving the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County, N.
3rd Baseman: A coach hits slow ground balls to the 3rd baseman, who fields the ball and throws to the 1st baseman.