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Synonyms for U

a base containing nitrogen that is found in RNA (but not in DNA) and derived from pyrimidine

a heavy toxic silvery-white radioactive metallic element

(chiefly British) of or appropriate to the upper classes especially in language use

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products in a standard 1RU form factor, allowing customers to "aggressively
Power Coreis a powerful 1RU device, featuring high-density AoIP and MADI I/O, eight modular I/O expansion slots, 64 DSP channels, IP streaming via WAN or LAN, and network-link redundancy via SMPTE 2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching.
Available in 1RU, 2RU and 4RU sizes with densities of up to 144, 288 and 576 fibers, these fiber housings consist of front and back doors both hinged on the bottom.
At only 1RU high and 100mm deep, TSL Products recommends the MPA1 Mix SDI for use in confined environments, such as outside broadcast vehicles and lightweight flight packs.
By packing up to 16 protection switch module functions into a low-power, compact 1RU form factor, the PSS offers a high density solution for network path protection and frees equipment card slots for revenue-generating services.
According to the company, this patent-pending TCS Impact TSR provides customers a higher performance single rack unit (1RU) solution that delivers enhanced data rates while protecting current investments in interdependent equipment and integration.
There are 10 configurations of the X440 in all, supporting from eight to 48 ports in 1RU, and some with 10G Ethernet uplinks.
Clarity Maximum Density patch panels offer 48 ports of Clarity 6 or 5e performance in 1RU, and are ETL tested and verified to TIA Category 6 and 5e component specifications.
To enter, write to Brenda Dacosta, 255 Highfield Lane, Quinton, B32 1RU, by June 17, stating which sections you are entering.
The Nokia LoopMaster LT packs powerful testing capabilities into a single compact 1RU high unit.
SwitchBlade is a 1RU appliance for theWheatNet-IP audio network that includes audio codecs, SIP messaging and ACI control interface.
Within an entirely-new 1RU chassis, Carbonite Ultra provides 24-inputs, 14-outputs and an improved version of the flexible Carbonite feature set -- at a starting price of USD 10,900.
The award-winning Coriant Groove(TM) G30 is an innovative and highly compact 1RU modular transport solution for ISP, cloud, data center, and IXP networks that can be equipped as a muxponder terminal solution and as an Open Line System (OLS) solution.
The iAM-AUDIO-1 is a 1RU unit that has a variety of inputs and its user interface allows operators to flip between those inputs instantly.
Ekinops' passive CWDM and DWDM approach operates on a 1RU passive chassis that can hold various elements such as multiplexers and optical add/drop multiplexers (OADMs), enabling a vast range of multiplexing schemes in single or dual fiber configurations.