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a war fought between Iraq and a coalition led by the United States that freed Kuwait from Iraqi invaders

a dispute over control of the waterway between Iraq and Iran broke out into open fighting in 1980 and continued until 1988, when they accepted a UN cease-fire resolution

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Weapons experts said 12 documents gave "dangerous detail" about Iraq's covert nuclear research before the 1991 Gulf war.
The 1991 Gulf War further stressed the country, as did the United Nations embargo.
While Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat had supported Saddam in the 1991 Gulf War, his government had been careful to stay on the sidelines during the US-led invasion of Iraq this year.
Missing from the new textbooks is any mention of the 1991 Gulf War resulting from Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), and references to Americans, Israelis and Iraq's Kurdish minority.
An American soldier and his Iraqi interpreter were killed in a grenade and small arms attack in northern Baghdad yesterday, bringing to 152 the number of US troops killed in action since the war started on March 20 - five more than during the 1991 Gulf War.
The attack brought to 147 the number of troops killed in combat in this war, equalling the total killed in combat in the 1991 Gulf War.
AFTER receiving so many vaccinations before the 1991 Gulf War, it surely can be no coincidence that 9,000 veterans have been affected in the same way as Shaun Rusling.
Since the 1991 Gulf War, the Amerkhanians' relatives who remained in Iraq have tried in vain to come to the United States, Yerjanik Amerkhanian said Thursday.
France has frozen pounds 57 million in Iraqi investments from before the 1991 Gulf War.
Home Secretary David Blunkett told MPs that he did not intend to detain large numbers of Iraq is living in the UK,as was attempted in the 1991 Gulf War.
The no-fly zones were set up after the 1991 Gulf war to protect Kurds in the north and Shiite Muslims in the south from Baghdad's forces.
With our army reduced to 10 active duty divisions from the 18 it had at the time of the 1991 Gulf War, and ongoing UN-dictated commitments in Korea, Afghanistan, and the Balkans, "an invasion of Iraq at the same level as in the Gulf War would essentially require the rest of the Army," notes the Post.
Due to sanctions by the UN the airline is unable to fly its 15 aircraft back to Iraq that they flew to Jordan, Tunisia and Iran for safe keeping shortly before the start of the 1991 Gulf War, it was reported by The Associated Press.
The victory by Scots soldier Alex Izett, 33, will see hundreds of veterans from the 1991 Gulf War step up their campaign against the MoD.