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the decade from 1990 to 1999

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She was the program Coordinator on 2 separate occasions for 5 years in the 1990's and most recently from 2005 to 2010.
The 1990's is a rich and powerful decade for the Spanish narrative, and though the works here portrayed are commendable, there is really nothing in this book that justifies the use of these novels above others.
The former dentist charged Michael Jackson in the early 1990's for molesting his son and later accepted a $20 million settlement to drop the charges.
In its sixth report card, called Child Poverty in Rich Countries 2005, which was prepared by the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, the agency stressed that it was obvious from the 1990's data that higher government spending on family and social benefits "is clearly associated with lower child poverty rates.
Will we ever see the unprecedented success of the 1990's in this business?
From the mid-1980's until the early 1990's, Sweden's manufacturing output decreased in relation to that of the OECD, while the terms of trade improved.
Throughout the 1990's the Canadian birth rate declined, reaching a low of 1.
In the 1990's, Daines founded Packet Engines and co-founded Grand Junction Networks, two companies that were sold to Alcatel and Cisco Systems.
A series of Chinese rocket failures in the 1990's had come to an end only after American companies had sold information to China on guidance systems, telemetry, aerodynamics, and rocket failures.
Results based upon the full and subscale scores show how a significant liberalization in attitudes for both genders since the mid-1970's and a narrowing of the gender gap in the 1990's.
Before the 1990's, after several decades of excellent performance by Japanese industry, any observer noting that it had few, new, high tech companies would probably have met with the response that success spoke for itself.
To address worldwide product demands, Four (4) new manufacturing facilities were inaugurated in the 1990's and 2000.
Those seeking literary parodies of GWTW might want to check out 1990's The Book of Sequels, with side-splitting vignettes written in the styles of Erica Jong, Tama Janowitz, and Alice Walker.
It became the most common heron in the state and continued so into the 1990's.
Consumers in the 1990's demanded quick, easy-to-prepare grocery foods to match their fast-paced lifestyles.