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Since the band's inception, its musical style has ranged from hard rock to heavy metal and the act is best known for its 1980s rock anthem Rock You Like a Hurricane and many singles, such as No One Like You, Send Me an Angel, Still Loving You and Wind of Change became global hits.Despite ongoing rumours of a breakup or retirement, guitarist Matthias Jabs said that the Scorpions, formed in 1965, would not be splitting up.In 2013, the Scorpions played three MTV Unplugged concerts in the Greek capital of Athens and announced four more MTV Unplugged concerts in Germany in 2014.
In addition to the poker tournaments, the GAPC will feature several parties, including a 1980s Rock Karaoke party and celebrations at Vegas hot spots Blondies and The London Club.
BOSTON -- In photos of her as a younger woman, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva wears a low-cut blouse and has her hair teased like a 1980s rock star.
The 1980s rock and punk outfit Touch Force will start things off at 8:30 p.m.
The band M.U.S.T has been influenced by 1980s rock and other local bands and is made up of singer Ali, bass player Mohammed, drummer Thamer and lead singer Hussain.
From opener Over My Dead Body through the 1980s rock flourishes of I, Superbiker and the rampedup cover of Jimi Hendrix's Fire, the tempo seldom eases, slowing only a little on the Foo Fighters-esque Edge Of The World and dub effort, Closer To Me.
Scorpions is a heavy metal/hard rock band from Hannover, Germany, known for their 1980s rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and their singles "No One Like You", "Send Me an Angel, "Still Loving You", and "Wind of Change".
The company is also developing the $15 million contemporary sci-fi thriller "83," which current Brit film flavor-of-the-month Noel Clarke will write, direct and star in; laffer "Stiff," from "Borat" writer Dan Mazer and producer Andrea Calderwood ("The Last King of Scotland"), about a 1980s rock star who falls into a coma onstage and wakes up 20 years later; as well as romantic comedy "Emily-Jane Secret Mum," a co-production with Elton John and David Furnish's Rocket Pictures about a single mother who pretends she doesn't have kids to get her dream job.
Ironically, some of the leading figures in 1980s rock now perform at patriotic concerts organized by the Kremlin.
Having "bonded" over 1980s rock music in the elevator, Hope and Walter finally connect and develop a deep platonic friendship that allows both to come to terms with their pasts, much as the city is trying to do.
Ysgol Glanaethwy will join Cerys Matthews, 1980s rock band Maffia Mr Huws, rising star Ryland Teifi, Geraint Lovegreen a'r Enw Da and Daniel Lloyd a Mr Pinc at tonight's concert.
A former songwriter, Justin has co-written more than a dozen recorded songs, including the 1977 hit "Get Up and Dance" on a record of the same name, performed by the Memphis Horns (and sung by the Doobie Brothers on the Dinah Shore show), and "Feelings of Love," later sung by keyboardist Theodore Wender's 1980s rock band 3-D, which played with bands like the Cars and the Ramones and appeared on Saturday Night Live.
What kind of editorial writer would use a dorky song from a crazy 1980s rock star to lobby the city council?
Controversial 1980s rock group Frankie Goes to Hollywood ( whose hit Relax was banned by the BBC ( are re-forming, with a North Shields man as their new singer.
In the film, Charlotte plays Olivia, the daughter of a washed-up 1980s rock star who dreams of being a singing star against her mum's wishes.