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Music, a la 1980s rock and pop, pumps through the speakers.
In photos of her as a younger woman, Mrs Tsarnaeva wears a low-cut blouse and has her hair teased like a 1980s rock star.
Loosely based on the story of Pete Best - who can be seen reading Rolling Stone at the start, it's the tale of the drummer of a 1980s rock band - kicked out just before they become stars.
He has been a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live and his movie credits include The Right Stuff, The Fisher King, The Truman Show and the 1980s rock mock-umentary, This is Spinal Tap.
Rainn Wilson stars as the drummer in 1980s rock band Vesuvius, who is dumped before they go on global flame and fortune.
During his research into the book Graham, who once managed popular 1980s rock band The Cherry Boys, discovered both stores have a colourful past.
came from opposite sides of the 1980s rock 'n' roll spectrum.
QUESTION 14-for 14 points: What was an iron maiden, from which the 1980s rock group took its name?
Each competitor has staked out a 5ft-6ft section, apart from Hefin Huws, former vocalist with 1980s rock group Maffia Mr Huws.
This week's Late Nite selection at the Bijou is a cluster of 1980s rock videos featuring the Cars.
Sporting the kind of hairstyle no 1980s rock fan could afford to be without, the 34-year-old is a fabulous throwback to football's fashion glory days.
I'll Be There premieres at the UCI cinema and features Charlotte as Olivia - the daughter of a washed-up 1980s rock star who dreams of being a singing star.
LACKEY: Russell Brand GOOD VALUE: Catherine Zeta-Jones does Pat Benatar BLAND: Julianne Hough as Sherrie BASEMENT JAXX: Tom Cruise fails to convince as a 1980s rock star
Career: In the 1980s Rock hit the comedy circuit and his cutting quips and clever observations soon saw him step onto television in Miami Vice, and catch Eddie Murphy's attention.
A SOLDIER today told how he swapped ferrying a 1980s rock star around for his role driving ambulances in Afghanistan.