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the decade from 1970 to 1979

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It took a military coup in Lisbon in 1974-1975 to persuade the Portuguese to give up their colonies.
A crise foi determinante para o curso da revolucao: a taxa de desemprego, a descapitalizacao das empresas, os aumentos salariais e todo o processo de ocupacao de fabricas e assembleias de trabalhadores a estes fatores associados estavam entre as principais preocupacoes das liderancas politicas no bienio 1974-1975.
Adolfi Ciba-Geigy Unknown 1974-1975 Gordon Sawyer Sawyer Advertising Retired 1973-1974 Bruce Boyle Successful Farming Retired 1972-1973 Roderick Fletcher Fletcher Mayo Retired 1971-1972 0.
Nixon follows the thread from Portuguese colonial rule through the emergence of political factionalism in 1974-1975, the brutal Indonesian occupation in 1975-1999, the United Nations phase in 1999-2002, to the independent republic since 2002.
Morgan, NEHA president in 1974-1975, as one of his references.
Roobarb BBC One, 1974-1975 NO, it's not called Roobarb and Custard apparently, despite everyone here at TV Times Past remembering it that way for the last 30 odd years.
000 Fuente: Boletin oficial de la Oficina de Justificacion de la Difusion, Madrid, No 127 a 145, 1974-1975.
This volume of Bush's 1974-1975 diary entries sheds new light on a formative period in his professional evolution.
The 1973 RG manuals call for 682 miles, while 1974-1975 models with standard 60-gal-lon tanks show 821 miles range at 75 percent cruise power.
The collapse of the IRA's 1974-1975 ceasefire triggered a wave of bombings by the four men who became known as the 'Balcombe Street Gang' - Martin O'Connell, Edward Butler, Harry Duggan and Hugh Doherty.
In 1974-1975, scientists collected abdominal fat biopsies from some of the women and tracked who developed type 2 diabetes.
The last two times we had prolonged periods of structural reallocations, 1974-1975 and 1980-1983, multifactor productivity took a much bigger hit.
However events transpire, the latest economic numbers show economic output declining for three straight quarters for the first time since 1974-1975, and the steepest decline in exports since 1969.
A follow-up 1979 study by ABP/Meldrun and Fewsmith confirmed "that companies that did not cut advertising expenditures during the 1974-1975 recession experienced higher sales and net income (during those two years and the two years following) than those companies that cut in either or both recession years.
B South Mozambique) 1962 Founding Member, Frente de Libertacao de Mozambique (Front for the Liberation of Mozambique) FRELIMO 1964-1974 FRELIMO Secretary 1969-1974 Chief FRELIMO Representative in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 1974-1975 Prime Minister, Transitional Government of Mozambique 1975-1986 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Mozambique 1986-2005 President & Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Republic of Mozambique 2003-2005 Chair, African Union 2005-present Special Envoy, United Nations