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the decade from 1970 to 1979

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The 1973 and 1974-1975 data were obtained from research published in 1974 (10) and 1976, (12) respectively.
If anyone can connect us with the following: 1946-1947 Margret Sharp 1952-1953 Marie Johnson 1953-1954 Lillian Hoffman 1960-1961 Lois Kryger Miller 1966-1967 Merle Andrews 1969-1970 Edna Johnson 1970-1971 Myra Petrie Gress 1971-1972 Iva Coulter Zembsch 1974-1975 Frances Fox 1978-1979 Lois Mazzucchi Ballard
The period, 1974-1975, in fact, changed more than Africa.
Sir Hughie was Governor of Western Australia in 1974-1975 but ill health forced an early retirement.
It has been described as a "total impression," a "composite" (Oxenfeldt, 1974-1975), a "gestalt" (Zimmer & Golden, 1988), and an "idiosyncratic cognitive configuration" (Mazursky & Jacoby, 1986).
In face-to-face interviews, follow-up was conducted in 1974-1975, 1985-1986, and 1996-1997.
Con las innovaciones tecnoeconomicas y politicas que se introdujeron en el sistema internacional, un nuevo modelo productivo emergio y esto se tradujo en una epoca de prosperidad sin precedentes, que duraria hasta 1974-1975. Para hacerle frente a los profundos desequilibrios socioeconomicos y al reto politico procedente del socialismo del Este europeo y de la protesto de los trabajadores que habian soportado lo peor de la conflagracion, en Europa sobre todo, se reforzo el "Estado Benefactor".
Dryfoos, "Abortion Need and Services in the United States, 1974-1975," Family Planning Perspectives, 8:58,1976.
Progenies from each cross were increased during the 1974-1975 growing season in the Netherlands.
It skillfully integrates patches of demographic data from colonial and national archives with material generated by a 1974-1975 National Migration Survey conducted in what was then known as Upper Volta to paint a convincing portrait of Burkinabe labor migration in the twentieth century.
At its commercial zenith (1974-1975), glitter shone through nearly every genre of pop.
I would love to hear from Isabel Johnston (nee Little), originally from 80 Braeside Street, Maryhill, Glasgow, who moved to North Carolina between 1974-1975. - B.
En ese taller trabajara las temporadas 1974-1975, 1983 y 1986-1989.
For the period from 1974-1975 to 1994-1995, this index is the Pollard drug index, with the base year shifted from 1974-1975 to 1989-90; from 1960-1961 to 1974-1975, it is the medical and health services index, with the 1974-1975 value shifted from 0.118 to 0.336.