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the decade from 1970 to 1979

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IN RESPONSE to Terry Burnett's letter in Saturday's Echo, Mr Burnett inquired of the wrong person when he asked at the postal sorting office - the tunnels he talks about were constructed in 1973-1974 for Post Office Telephones.
He was president of the National Legislative Conference in 1973-1974, one of three organizations of state legislatures back then.
He served in a number of positions in the San Francisco Chapter, including Treasurer during the 1973-1974.
Cartas de Francia, 1973-1974 se suma asi a In Search of an Inca.
Wherever possible, the findings of the present study will be compared with those of my 1973-1974 study.
This article examines patterns of growth in private firms and private equity investment and in the decline in state-owned firms and equity capital within the corporate sector in Indian industry over a 25-year period, 1973-1974 to 1997-1998, with some additional analysis extended to 2001-2002, to assess whether a transformation in ownership has taken place, whether the boundaries of the state as a participant in industry have significantly declined and the boundaries of private enterprise enhanced.
Of the 12 quarters worse than Bush's most recent one, 6 belong to Truman in 1951-1952, 4 belong to Nixon during the Watergate era of 1973-1974, and 2 to Jimmy Carter during the energy crisis in mid-1979.
He was selected team captain and most valued player of his football team for the 1973-1974 season, and he went on to play a year of college football at Albany State University.
ASI) in 1985; Sales Rep/Marketing Manager, Nuclear Medical Laboratories, 1977-1985; Sales, Pharmacia, Canada, 1974-1977; Biochemist, Research Laboratory, Medical School Department, University of Alberta, 1973-1974
High world oil prices brought on by the oil price shocks after the oil embargo of 1973-1974 and the Iranian revolution in 1979 caused a significant reduction in the use of oil for electricity generation.
Dos debates parlamentarios son particularmente importantes: la escuela, que ocupa el entero ano 1959, y el control de la natalidad y el aborto, objeto de debate respectivamente en 1966-1967 y 1973-1974.
In 1973-1974, he designed specifications for the Switzer Building (Washington, D.
And since the oil embargo during the winter of 1973-1974, our industry has been moving ineluctably toward this tipping point, when the majority of the builder population shifts from less involvement to more involvement with green building.
That's a sharper increase then the one that accompanied the oil price shock of 1973-1974, when energy was grabbing 1.
Colorado tick fever: clinical, epidemiologic, and laboratory aspects of 228 cases in Colorado in 1973-1974.