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the decade from 1970 to 1979

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She was an active member of NZNA during her nursing career and served as secretary of the Timaru branch from 1973-1974. "Our branch put through a remit on childproof tops for medications, which was a great idea and has probably saved many lives.
IN RESPONSE to Terry Burnett's letter in Saturday's Echo, Mr Burnett inquired of the wrong person when he asked at the postal sorting office - the tunnels he talks about were constructed in 1973-1974 for Post Office Telephones.
He was president of the National Legislative Conference in 1973-1974, one of three organizations of state legislatures back then.
He served in a number of positions in the San Francisco Chapter, including Treasurer during the 1973-1974. In 1987, he resigned his position as a tax executive to go into business with a son-in-law; their pallet manufacturing business grew to be the largest in the United States.
Wherever possible, the findings of the present study will be compared with those of my 1973-1974 study.
Vera Vanderlip UE 1973-1974; John Chard UE 1974-1976; Robert Burns UE 1976-1979; Ruth Chapin Gould UE 1979-1981; Doris Marcellus UE 1981-1983; Robert Morden UE 1983-1985; Doris Wilson UE 1985-1987; Gary Cooper UE 1987-1989; Irene MacCrimmon UE 1989-1991; Doris Lemon UE 1991-1993; Rev.
This article examines patterns of growth in private firms and private equity investment and in the decline in state-owned firms and equity capital within the corporate sector in Indian industry over a 25-year period, 1973-1974 to 1997-1998, with some additional analysis extended to 2001-2002, to assess whether a transformation in ownership has taken place, whether the boundaries of the state as a participant in industry have significantly declined and the boundaries of private enterprise enhanced.
(ASI) in 1985; Sales Rep/Marketing Manager, Nuclear Medical Laboratories, 1977-1985; Sales, Pharmacia, Canada, 1974-1977; Biochemist, Research Laboratory, Medical School Department, University of Alberta, 1973-1974
In 1973-1974, he designed specifications for the Switzer Building (Washington, D.C), reportedly the first fully accessible federal building.
Lochhead taught at the University of Manitoba (1964-1973), York University (1973-1974) and the University of Ottawa (1975-1989).
Abe had a long career in academic life, teaching and conducting research in mineralogy and geology at Bryn Mawr (1949-1950), the University of Minnesota (Research Associate in Geology, 1953-1954), the University of New Mexico (Assistant Dean and Dean, 1963-1965; Associate Professor 1961-1968; Professor 1968-1973), the University of South Florida (1973-1974), Oberlin College in Ohio (1973-1974), and as Visiting Professor at National Taiwan University (1954-1961).
Colorado tick fever: clinical, epidemiologic, and laboratory aspects of 228 cases in Colorado in 1973-1974. Ann Intern Med.
Appended are: (1) Maximum Authorized Pell Grant, Maximum Actual Pell Grant, and Average Pell Grant per Student, in Current Dollars (Award Years 1974-1975 to 2004-2005); (2) Number of Eligible Pell Grant Recipients and Number of Actual Pell Grant Recipients, in Thousands (Award Years 1973-1974 to 2003-2004); (3) Total Federal Grant Aid and Total Federal Loan Aid Awarded for Postsecondary Education, in Millions of Current Dollars (Award Years 1963-1964 to 2004-2005); and (4) Total Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) Aid and Total Direct Loan Program Aid, in Millions of Current Dollars (Award Years 1993-1994 to 2003-2004).