Yom Kippur War

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Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in October 1973 (on Yom Kippur)

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As the 1973 October War reminds us, this is not a new phenomenon.
The story revolves around the changes that took place in the Egyptian society after the 1973 October War.
Finally, the book includes an epilogue and a short history of Israel, with emphasis on the events that led to the numerous conflicts experienced in the region prior to the 1973 October War.
The few ship-on-ship actions have involved small numbers, as in the 1971 India-Pakistan war, or fast-attack-boat dogfights in the littorals, as in the 1973 October War. All warship encounters after 1945 could be described as skirmishes.
(4) Last but not least, Iraq's economic potential and relative wealth, especially after the 1973 October War and the subsequent rise of the oil prices, made this country a financially attractive partner and customer for Moscow.
To undertake this highly worthwhile effort, Haney uses a "case survey" method, which employs a set of questions to "interrogate" case studies of the Berlin airlift (1948), the Korea decision (1950), Dien Bien Phu (1954), Suez (1956), the Tonkin Gulf (1964), the Tet offensive (1968), civil war in Jordan (1970), the 1973 October War, and the Panama invasion (1989).
The second film is a war drama called "Ayon el Magd" (Days of Glory), which covers the 1973 October War (known in Israel as the Yom Kippur War).
Astute, shrewd, forward-thinking, undoubtedly no history book can deny the 1973 October War victory Sadat and the Egyptian-Syrian armed forces were responsible for.
It takes its name from the important historical date of October 6, 1973, when Egypt defeated Israel in the 1973 October War. Imbaba Bridge: This bridge, built from 1913-1925, is a replacement for an older one that connected the city to the Giza train station by rail, where the railway then stretched over 935 kilometers to the Aswan High Dam.
During the 1973 October War, Shaikh Zayed supported King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz, who pledged significant financial support to both Egypt and Syria.
After Egypt pivoted to the West in the wake of the 1973 October war against Israel, America became its main patron.
His plan reached fruition after the 1973 October War, when he plotted to exclude the Palestinians from the post-war settlement and remove Egypt from the Arab military line-up, thus laying the foundations for the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.
Although the paper published ElBaradei's article about the 1973 October war in its Wednesday's edition, Egyptian analysts and lawyers said that the dismissal was part of government attempts to "tame" the media outlets ahead of next month's parliamentary elections, AL HAYAT said.
On the anniversary of the 1973 October War, and 36 years after that momentous event, Arabs who have witnessed those crucial days believe that war unites the Arabs, and that peace with Israel divides them.
The Arab World witnessed the emergence of a strong leftist wave immediately after the 1967 defeat, which extended to the 1973 October War. All intellectual and cultural energy at the time revolved around different means of renewing Marxist thought and the call for an overall revolution, particularly a national war of liberation.