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the decade from 1960 to 1969


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For fans who were there, Indians Heroes will bring back memories of baseball afternoons at Municipal Stadium in the 1960s.
We're keen on speaking to people who lived in Wales in the 1960s and have stories to share.
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For women who had previously given birth, this early stage of labour took two hours longer in recent years than for women in the 1960s.
ROCK ON: The girls attend a 1960s concert DOCTORS Mon-Fri BBC1 Elaine is in deep trouble when she's pulled over while under the influence of marijuana.
The sculpture was taken from Libya's northwestern city of Sabratha in the 1960s, and recently auctioned at Christie's.
Mike's tour will take in remains of those 1960s redevelopment days, such as a concrete walkway which ends in mid-air near the Quayside.
Black people) had fought in all of this country's wars, and still in the 1960s this country was denying us our rights," Seale said.
The most salient recounting is the success of the legendary Local 1199 Hospital Worker's Union in New York City, where union organizing quadrupled both meager wages and the membership of its mostly women-of-color base by the end of the 1960s.
Anyone familiar with American culture of the 1950s and even the first half of the 1960s recalls the social ostracism that awaited young ladies who did not wait for marriage.
Keizer pursues two goals: to theorize the representations of slavery that have proliferated in black fiction since the 1960s and to negotiate the troubled relationship between African American literature and mainstream theories of subject formation.
Environmental concerns played little role until the 1960s.
Wicked Messenger: Bob Dylan And The 1960s represents a revised, expanded edition of the 2003 hardcover Chimes Of Freedom, and is a recommended pick for Dylan fans and especially newcomers who missed Chimes and here will enjoy the benefit of a new chapter on his 2004 memoir and his 2003 film.
How did the 1960s world of peace, love and spirituality end in violence?