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The first stage commenced with the state foundation and continued until the beginning of the 1960ies (Flierl 1996: 152).
The high school teaching and the university studies were for the few privileged, but in the 1960ies this changed considerably.
The so-called 'elite' schools that were established in the 1960ies and provided in-depth language learning became one of the few possibilities for cultural or other elite to secure cultural capital for their children at the time when access to economic capital and consumption was limited.
A few experimental plantations with poplars and their hybrids have been established on levelled oil shale opencasts in Estonia in the 1960ies [6, 36].
Given the large international differences in crime policies, but also changes since the 1960ies in character and typologies of prisons and other sanctions, we are aware of some difficulties in this respect.