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the decade from 1960 to 1969


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When the United States' music scene was burgeoning in the 1960's and 1970's, Technics was the industry leader.
"The use of pine tar by Mantle was common from the early 1960's to the end of his career.
"The 1960's law has long been dead and can never be revived.
Olive Young, 75, was the film stars' personal secretary for six years during the 1960's after he poached her from his management agency where she worked as a receptionist.
Rock 'n' roll icon Conrad - original pop talent show winner, of 1960's Oh Boy!
JERSEY Boys is a documentary-style musical based on the lives of one of the 1960's most successful rock 'n' roll groups, the Four Seasons.
In the 1960's Harry and Evelyn were foster parents to four children, whom they loved very much.
Summary: It all started with IBM in the late 1960's followed by 3M in 2002,
The medical community has--until the government twisted our arms--fought any meaningful changes since the Medicare battle of the 1960's. Hospitals are typical U.S.
Summary: Since the 1960's, economic, scientific and cultural cooperation between Tunisia and South Korea has witnessed a significant development with the signing of several agreements in all sectors of activity.
In "Hardball," she writes about the ugly race relations that existed in Chicago during the 1960's, something she experienced first-hand when she was doing community service there in 1966.
Many people from Kulu migrated to Sweden, mainly to Stockholm, in 1960's to work.
Dr Kent began his work with bromeliads as a hobby in the 1960's, an interest that grew into todays million square foot bromeliad wholesale business now managed by his three sons.
Coronation Street actress Nikki Sanderson, who also appears in Heartbeat, was dramatically transformed into a 1960's Cilla for the shoot of pop singer Rob Ellis's debut single.