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the decade from 1950 to 1959


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The 1950s was also the decade when many of today's grandparents were born and that's important to Beamish.
The County Durham attraction plans to replicate a shop from Bow Street, Middlesbrough, as part of a 1950s town in its PS18m Remaking Beamish project.
During the four days of the festival, you can visit the North East Police History Society's 1950s police room, or test your soccer skills with the Durham Amateur Football Trust.
Coming little less than a week after his wife Linda died, viewers will come to this with a much more acute sense of how important the 1950s was for the Treforest-born singer, as not only was it the decade he fell in love with rock 'n' roll, but he also fell head over heels for local girl Melinda Trenchard - whom he described in his recent autobiography as "a cut above me academically and a cut above me socially, too".
In the 1950s there was full employment in the UK with only 186,000 unemployed at a minimum, compared with 2.
5 percent of mean disposable income in 1950 but now costs only 0.
COOKING USING THE LEFTOVERS Living through the rationing of World War II taught savvy and thrifty 1950s housewives to never waste a scrap.
The researchers asked some 400 Americans, half of them white and half black, how much discrimination existed in each decade from the 1950s to the present.
They were followed by 14 children from Clough Head Junior and Infant School in Bolster Moor who put on a sketch about TV in the 1950s.
55pm A promising young film-maker by the name of Steven Spielberg made a stunning debut with this thriller, which makes the most of a simple but gripping premise - lone motorist Dennis Romance blossoms in 1950s America Pleasantville Monday, Fiver, 8.
A DARKENING GREEN: NOTES ON HARVARD, THE 1950S AND THE END OF INNOCENCE is drawn mostly from a diary the author kept while he was a freshman at Harvard in the 1950s, describing the experience of late adolescence and offering a narrative of freshman college experience perfect for any college library.
I AM writing a book called The 1950s Home to be published in 2009, and am looking for photographs and stories about homes in that period.
Nativity scene at St Mary's Church Beaumaris Picture: LANDMARK PUBLISHING; Santa Claus joins festive revellers in Conwy including former Conwy mayor Mrs EM Pattinson (front, row second from right) Picture: LANDMARK PUBLISHING; Christmas lanterns in the 1950s Picture: GEOFF CHARLES, NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH; Girls with their Christmas cakes at Ysgol Caledfryn in Denbigh; A snowy street scene in Rhyl Picture: LANDMARK PUBLISHING; Seen enjoying the annual Christmas party for the children of staff of North Wales Hospital in the mid 1950s are from left: Clwyd and Gareth Williams, Marilyn Owen, Jimmy, Jackie, Frances, Caroline and Ann Gilmore.
CHILDREN at Woolton infants school brought back the 1950s to mark its 50th anniversary.