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the decade from 1950 to 1959


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This sold 1950's house in Henderson also features a small basement which can be a hard feature to find in the Las Vegas Valley.
A collection of Moderns, postcards from the US, printed in the 1950's |
The 1950's hangars gained grade II listed status from English Heritage in 1995 and adapting the landmark buildings is said to have taken great care and skill to preserve the internal unsupported arches designed by Owen Williams.
The exhibition runs until June 15 when there will be a 1950's family fun day with music, children's entertainment, dance workshops, side shows and historic vehicles and characters.
According to Ezratty, the area, which was largely built up in the 1950's and 1960's, has been a solid residential community.
Our photo shows cabin attendant Anna Schwertfeger, in the Lufthansa uniform of the 1950's, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the services at Manchester Airport with (l -r) Tim McDermott (Manchester Airport Director of Aviation Development), Flight Captain Gerrit Adam, Dr Karsten Benz (Lufthansa Vice President Sales & Services Europe) and Dieter Grotepass (Lufthansa General Manager UK & Ireland).
Songs featured in each book were big hits in their decade, for example, the 1950's songs "At The Hop," "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Blue Velvet.
I recall music in the 1950's where the singer in the orchestra would chant, "Da me la salsa" or "give me the sauce," long before the dance salsa was popular.
government and deaf and blind students who were abused while attending the Jericho Hill School between the 1950's until its closing in 1992 has been approved by Justice Mary Humphries of the B.
Also on view are a number of paintings by Francis Bacon from the 1950's and unfinished works by Francis Bacon.
Indeed, some 1950's era American cars have repeatedly had many parts "creatively" replaced from other brands.
Steve stared wistfully at the show astride examples from his fleet of 1950's Schwinn black, red, and green Phantom cruiser bikes.
In the 1950's, Bonetti's innovative design of a machining center for creating a very precise blade bevel, combined with a significant investment in metallurgical research led to the development of Coater Blades and established it's reputation as a European leader in the manufacture of steel blades for papermaking.
Framed by preparations for a New York gallery opening of McCall's paintings, Green's clever portrait includes standard-issue interview sequences, offbeat archival footage, home movies and an original and amusing 1950's faux film trailer about a boy growing up in Ontario and dreaming of the riches and delights of America.
Philosophy/Activities: Back in the 1950's, a handful of ladies living in Neuchatel met occasionally for a meal and to chat in their native tongue.