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the decade from 1930 to 1939

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According to Speed, the local comedies of the time present more complex views of the country in comparison to the widespread belief that 1930s Australia was a parochial culture that was completely deferential to Britain and Hollywood.
Now, complete with an hour-long programme on each year from the 1930s, 40s, 50s or 60s, these 3-disc sets provide a definitive insight into the decade of your choice.
Roath Park School, 1930s - Betty Down is sixth left in the front row
As soon as we decided to get married we knew it had to be a 1930s theme.
As with the original, it is ideal as a hill climber and Morgan points out the car still holds long distance speed records for one-litre models set in the 1930s.
There's good reason to worry, for the experience of the 1930s suggests that exchange-rate disputes can be even more dangerous than deep slumps in terms of generating protectionist pressures.
My mother was married to him during the 1930s and 1940s.
A REPLICA of a famous garage from the 1930s has been unveiled at the Black Country Living Museum.
Ann George (associate professor, Texas Christian University) and Jack Selzer (professor of English, Pennsylvania State University) combine their insight in Kenneth Burke in the 1930s, a thoughtful study of author Kenneth Burke's work during the restless 1930s.
Kingsbury Water Park was flooded during last weekend's rain - and park rangers say it was the worst flooding at the park since the 1930s.
But when it's rebuilt, the 1930s station from Oakland may evoke rosy memories of Model A and Model T Fords, as well as an American motoring era that has gone the way of low gas prices.
Social Security monthly benefits didn't begin going out to people until after the 1930s were over.
One of the earliest acts to be recorded under this rubric was given the name the Hill Billies, and later groups adopted permutations of it, including the Beverly Hillbillies, a Los Angeles string band of the early 1930s.
Readers will fall in love once again with Patsy Ann, the stone-deaf bull terrier, based on a real dog that lived in Alaska in the 1930s.
Recently, he suggested the present-day global situation bears a striking resemblance to 1935, with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's pursuit of nuclear weapoins capability--not to mention his anti-Jewish sentiments--strikingly similar to Adolft Hitler's quest in the 1930s for weapons superiority.