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the decade from 1930 to 1939

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These include a steep hipped roof (rather than today's more usual shallow pitched gable roof), bay windows, coved ceiling cornices, larger than average rooms and wide hallways - features reminiscent of the 1930's style, but cleverly combined with the economy and convenience of modern layouts.
Another American star from the 1930's, Ben Lyon, picked Hell's Angels to screen.
Since the Delta of the 1930's is known for its racial tensions, the story I felt needed to be told was one of a positive nature--the innocence of children of different colors growing up together in a rural farming area.
The argument of the 1930's was cast less in terms of banks that were "too big to fail" than as a response to the faulty advice that banks had offered their clients.
The news media's participation in the rush to war in Iraq is a recent example; their refusal to help their Jewish colleagues in the 1930's is a particularly repugnant one.
95), Hard Times For Jake Smith is a novel set against the background of the 1930's "Great Depression".
The conditions that Soviet students faced in the 1920's and 1930's were sharply different from those of their pre-Revolutionary counterparts.
Today, those dot-com companies are disappearing as fast as they popped up--just like an auto industry shakeout that began in the 1930's.
Edgar Hoover's directorship of the FBI fail to note the consonance of federal policing power in the early 1930's and the overall view of government embodied in the New Deal: that the exercise of governmental power was generally benevolent, and that federal intervention would revitalize, rather than undermine, local institutions.
He began his career in the 1930's with the Works Progress Administration.
French's seminal work illustrates what were widely held opinions in the 1930's.
Since the early 1930's Zero Halliburton[R] cases exude timeless fashion and style, and have appeared in hundreds of movies and television shows throughout the world.
PRINCETON: Everyone now knows that we are in the worst economic crisis since the 1930's.
In the 1930's, membership grew to 100 and the Annual Banquet became a blacktie affair, moving to a more formal and fitting setting.
A fascinating, fact-filled study of murder and the shortcomings of a 1930's homicide investigation.