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the decade from 1920 to 1929

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Staff at Lakeview Care home adopted a 1920s Great Gatsby-inspired theme to celebrate the 100th birthday of Doris Goodwin.
Every October since 2015 in the Tua-Tiu-Tiann aree of Taipei, Bookstore 1920s, Thinkers' Theatre and the Chiang Wei-shui Cultural Foundation have held the TTTIFA.
The exclusive event includes live 1920s swing entertainment, a Chicagostyle food stand, a huge selection of World and American gins, Bourbons and American IPAs, and world-famous speakeasy cocktails.
Tickets start from [pounds sterling]12.50 and include a branded Speakeasy glass to keep, a branded wristband, a free Tom Collins cocktail, access to bars with a huge selection of gin, cocktails and bourbon, live 1920s swing band, a festival guide and access to the American food stand.
Three days during the week, the bar features 1920s themed live music.
By the 1920s what the author describes as a form of "working-class cosmopolitanism" existed in the community.
Critique: A seminal study of definitively researched scholarship that includes a six page Bibliography and a three page Index, "Boyhood and Delinquency in 1920s Chicago: A Sociological Study of Juvenile Jack-Rollers and Gender" is an extraordinary and highly recommended addition to community and academic library collections.
After extensive renovations, it's very different from the 1920s version, but the sea lion pool remains a focal point.
In the museum gallery, images from the 1920s will be on display with Cardiff University Big Band playing music from the decade which brought the Charleston, Lindy Hop and Black Bottom.
What does this image tell us about girlhood in Canada in the 1920s? How did people understand being a "modern girl" and how did young women understand beauty and bodily norms?
Mary McAuliffe favors a pointillist approach to cultural history, serving up snapshots of the many colorful artists, designers, and other celebrities who made Paris "sizzle" during the 1920s. The depth of research -- and the range of interests -- evident here is striking.
The 1920s were a formative decade for Ireland, both north and south of the border, but this is all too often dismissed as a decade of stagnation.
Mitch Mitchell has invested time and PS10,000 in financial support in the form of a Transmit Start-Up loan into transforming the railway arch unit in Brandling Street into the 1920s and '30s-style venue, with a focus on cabaret, vaudeville and music-hall entertainment.
A taste of the 1920s will be available for sampling from Halloween onwards as the much-anticipated Prohibition Cabaret Bar officially opens its doors with an evening embracing the ghoulish occasion.