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the decade from 1920 to 1929

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Lost in Time aims to feature Egypt in the 1920's and 1930's by capturing Darnell by the pyramids with her old classic hairstyle, time-worn makeup, and timeworn style dresses.
The freedom that the underground scene lent to women in the 1920's lead to much more freedom in style and expression.
He is said to visit Cyprus in 1920's. It is been said that he took Hilarion Castle as an example for the story and the film." says Euzlem Hoca, a guide in St Hilarion Castle.
Creative festival goers are encouraged to bring their own vintage style to the Bacardi B-Live Arena and "rock" a 1920's look, a great time for fashion and a golden era for cocktails.
Although treated as a novelty until the 1920's, microforms originated much earlier.
His pieces reflect the look of French industrial and decorative arts of the 1920's, '30s, and '40s.
This is a tale of sacrifice and heroism with a delicate balance of history and fiction as it portrays a family in the mid 1920's. Many characters seem authentic and come alive as Louis narrates his account.
Watercolorist Elizabeth Quan presents Once Upon A Full Moon, a picturebook set in the 1920's and following the family of Chinese-American Lee King, who has found success in the New World but longs for his home in China.
Despite spending pounds 60,000 on the 1920's building three years ago, the until has failed to meet new fire regulations meaning its fire certificate will expire at the end of January, leaving the new machinery homeless.
"Blood on the Shamrock" is the sequel to "Consumed in Freedom's Flame," Cathal Liam's historical novel about Ireland's Civil War in the 1920's. Fictional hero Aran Roe O'Neill continues in the struggle for Irish self-governance and independence.
Okantah's travel poems feature imagery reminiscent of the vivid poetry that Langston Hughes produced from his 1920's sea voyage.
He established it while coaching Passaic HS in New Jersey during the early 1920's. His teams were noted for their style of play and spotless behavior.
This detached cottage within easy reach of Lanchester dates back to the 1920's and has since been extended to provide family sized accommodation.
Conviction In Cuyahoga County: A True Story In Black And White is a very carefully researched and deftly written account of a black man's triel in the late 1920's. Accused of the murder of a night watchman, he suffered a trial riddled with greed and corruption that sentenced him to death in an electric chair.
Forthcoming beatifications will include many martyrs of the Spanish Civil War (1936) and the Mexican religious persecutions of the 1920's.