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Synonyms for birthday

an anniversary of the day on which a person was born (or the celebration of it)

the date on which a person was born


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On Wednesday, his family and friends gathered at West Road Cemetery in Newcastle to celebrate his 18th birthday.
I always told Paige she would have an 18th birthday party and George Bowie would be the DJ.
As he was only two months away from his 18th birthday, the previous evening he asked his father if he give him a scooter in advance, and even said that he was willing to take an part-time job to help pay for it.
Retired miner Arwyn, 82, met his wife at her 18th birthday party in 1955 after being invited by Margaret's friend who didn't think there were enough boys present.
What's more, Jack, whose band Pink Tide will also be performing, is foregoing his own 18th birthday celebrations to put on the event which will act as a fundraiser for Headway - the brain injury association, on behalf of Esther.
He had gone to the bar in Goodmayes Road to celebrate a friend's 18th birthday the night before, also his own birthday, but was stabbed during an altercation.
BIG BOY Fin has celebrated his 18th birthday Anyway, we are all as proud as Punch of our Finlay and therefore celebrated his coming of age with full force.
Now his parents and police are using what would have been Kevin's 18th birthday to appeal for those responsible to come forward.
Up till now Suman Bansal has 6,575 images which she got in the form of one remarkable giant portrait on her 18th birthday, Metro.
Sonali Gupta, 17, of Courthouse Green, is in her last year at President Kennedy School - and she has a very special event to look forward to on her 18th birthday.
MIRACLE burns survivor Connor Rowntree has celebrated a day his family feared they would never see - his 18th birthday.
Summary: Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is getting ready to celebrate his 18th birthday.
Many states' guardianship laws and the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act maintain that upon the minor's 18th birthday, the parent or guardian must relinquish the account for him or her to handle.
Although these young people are allowed a cooling off period when they first join, they subsequently commit themselves to a period of four years beyond their 18th birthday.
A TEEN in foster care was told by HSE bosses she would be thrown out on her 18th birthday, her mum reveals.