Eighteenth Amendment

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an amendment to the Constitution of the United States adopted in 1920

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Let me make #PPP position clear; the fundamentals of the 18th amendment and 1973 constitution are non negotiable.
However, in Sindh its implementation is still a dream for the youth who does not have any opportunity to receive basic education, which is against the 25A of the 18th amendment.
He said that keeping in view the intricate geopolitical situation and internal security environment, federation would suffer if the centrist mindset continue to create hurdles in the way of smooth implementation of 18th Amendment.
He expressed these views while chairing a review meeting on the implementation of 18th Amendment here at Islamia College on Friday.
The declaration said that 18th amendment has not only augmented principles of democratic, parliamentary and federal structure but also expanded the view of participation, joint ownership of natural resources and administration.
A spokesman of Tourism Corporation KP said on Tuesday that the department has been shifted to provincial government after the passage of 18th amendment, therefore, its name has been changed to directorate tourists services department KP, which would regulate and control the hoteling and travelling industry in the province.
The 18th Amendment was unthinkable a few short months ago; today it is almost a fait accompli.
After conclusion of Sajjad's arguments, the other counsels, advocates general of all the provinces and Senator Raza Rabbani, who is the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms, which drafted the 18th Amendment bill, will begin their arguments.
After the 1973 Constitution, 18th amendment is the biggest achievement ever made by any government in the country as it leads to unity, cohesion among all ranks of society," he added.
Under the 18th amendment the nine-member Constitutional Council has also been replaced by a five-member Parliamentary Council, including Speaker, Prime Minister, leader of the Opposition and two other members representing ethnic groups in Sri Lankan parliament.
This revenue legislation passed just two months prior to the initial proposal of the 18th Amendment.
ISLAMABAD -- The Senate Functional Committee on Devolution on Thursday recommended that the issues surrounding Higher Education Commission's (HEC) devolution in light of the 18th Amendment be resolved as soon as possible.
He further said that the 18th amendment not only restored the Constitution of 1973 to its near original form but also gave provinces more powers.
QUETTA -- Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has said that after the 18th amendment the country has become a genuine federation and that any blame game over the problems faced by his province is baseless.
ISLAMABAD, July 8 -- A delegation of the International Crisis Group called on the 18th Amendment Implementation Commission Chairman Senator Mian Raza Rabbani on Wednesday.