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the decade from 1890 to 1899

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Nestled in the Timber Ridge Forest Preserve, the farm operated by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County also offers picnic opportunities and even the chance to try some games and activities that entertained kids in the 1890s.
Through several well-researched and detailed and nuanced local and regional stories, readers can follow how western populists rose and fell politically throughout the 1890s. Through it all, the western populists became increasingly "unclear," "confused," and "messy" and, in regards to Bryan in 1899, "complicated." The author suggests, however, that instead of disappearing before the rising tide of Republican power and current events, western populists "manifested" themselves in the debates and continued to contest imperialist policy and carried that opposition on into the failed election of 1900.
An 1890s advert for Crane & Sons, of 217, Scotland Road, shows a young woman playing a piano in a cosy parlour decorated with ornaments and potted plants.
In the 1890s, politics was irrevocably transformed into something we are still cursed with today: the art of mastering the techniques of image dissemination and sound-bite control.
Among some of the other photos in the collection are ones showing Queen Victoria at her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897 and an 1890 snap of Tower Bridge in London being built.
Lee Christine O'Brien's The Romance of the Lyric in Nineteenth-Century Women's Poetry (University of Delaware Press, 2013) includes extensive coverage of Rosamund Marriott Watson ("Graham Tomson"), increasingly a rising star for those interested in 1890s poets.
This history text from editors LaFeber (history, Cornell U.), Polenberg (history, Cornell U.), and Woloch (history, Barnard College) covers from the 1890s to the present, encompassing the entire twentieth century in which the United States ascended and solidified its role as a leading, and eventually sole world superpower.
Decades of research on the figures, major and minor, of the 1890s allow our author to ferret out all sorts of fascinating links with other figures of the time.
It was built in the 1890s by the Coal Board for one of its high-ranking employees who was marrying into the local gentry.
Haysbert says too often the 1890s get overlooked for what they can offer to higher education beyond the study of agriculture and the environment.
Vintage dresses from the 1890s and daring outfits from the swinging 60s were among the gems being modelled on the catwalk at a special fashion show organised by a theatre group on Tyneside last night.
Painted in the late 1890s, it was originally bought in 1902 by Dr Max Linde, the German patron responsible for helping Munch establish his career in Germany.
Known as the Centennial Light, it was designed in the 1890s by Adolphe Chailet who competed with the likes of Thomas Edison.
It wasn't until the 1890s that technology was developed allowing newspapers to publish photographs.