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the decade from 1890 to 1899

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Electorally, the party was a broadly based (though mostly Protestant) and reformist Volkspartei already in the 1890's -- "not a labor party, but a people's party" (p.
In the 1890's Winchester began transitioning to smokeless powders and jacketed bullets.
GFI Realty Senior Director Shlomo Antebi, who will oversee marketing of the property, noted that the Prospect Heights neighborhood landscape consists of a diverse mix of brownstones constructed in the 1890's, as well as newly built luxury residential buildings.
B4MC Gold Mines is operated by a fifth generation miner that dates back to the late 1890's dedicated to preserving the family legacy and growing the business for future generations.
In fact, in the 1890's there were almost 30 theatres, music halls and other entertainment establishments for the population's delight.
Arranged by location, rather than year built, this heavily illustrated volume surveys Chicago's luxury apartment buildings and the apartments within from the 1890's through the 1990's.
But promoted City, wearing a strip modelled on the colours of their forebears Leicester Fosse and playing like a side from the 1890's as well, were dispatched within a quarter of an hour.
Nevertheless, his punchy readings outlined events vividly, and the backdrop of Russian salon society in the 1890's was brilliantly evoked by the Dante String Quartet, in short works by Glazunov, Liadov and Sokolov from Les Vendredis, compiled for a rich St Petersburg patron.
[2] This is hard to reconcile with the author's statement that volost' county clerks "were often the only literate figures within township administrations (especially before the 1890's)" (p.
By the 1890's, however, the ammunition factories loaded .41 Colts with 0.386inch bullets but gave them a hollow-base so they would expand and grip the rifling.
The enlarged company, which can trace its roots back to 1889 in Rhyl and the 1890's in Bala will have more than 50 staff across eight offices.
Buckminster Upholstery received an Award of Excellence for its 1890's Turkish Couch project.
The latest property to open in Long Island City's up and coming residential neighborhood, The Industry is close to new neighborhood additions and trendy spots such as LIC Market, with a menu "focused on all things seasonal, local and delicious," and Dutch Kills, a hip watering hole built to resemble an 1890's saloon, among many others.
My references to the Wilde trials of the 1890's and to lesbian separatism in the 1970's were teasers for two articles in the last issue and of course not expressions of my personal views.
Springfield, Florida During the late 1890's, Cuba's war of liberation against Spain attracted many sympathizers in Florida, among them Sheriff Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, a prominent Springfield resident (and later Governor).