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the decade from 1890 to 1899

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Jacob's Diamond & Jewelry currently carries several pieces of jewelry from the Victorian era, including an Heirloom Victorian Diamond Ring that was produced around the 1890's, right at the end of the romance period.
Future stars like The WACA ground has been the home of cricket in Western Australia since 1890's.
The Importance of Being Ernest'' by Oscar Wilde is a satire on Victorian society, set in England in the 1890's.
27,560,000 non-recourse construction financing for the redevelopment and expansion of a five story 1890's building into a nine-story 77,000 s/f mixed-use rental building in Manhattan.
The Philippine national flag was conceptualized by the first President of the Republic of the Philippines, General Emilio Aguinaldo, during his exile in Hong Kong in the 1890's, and was displayed during battles in the same decade.
Exciting and interactive exhibitions uncover the story of the British motor industry from the 1890's to the present day.
Twenty-one suggested activities, such as drawing a "Gibson Girl" like 1890's pop artist Charles Dana Gibson used to create to illustrate New York magazines, or pretending to be an urban planner and lay out a city with construction paper and curling ribbon, pepper New York City History for Kids.
The consensus, in other words, seemed to be that there would be nothing in the next 20 years as transformative as Alfred Marshall's synthesis of the 1890's or the revolution initiated by John Maynard Keynes in the 1930's.
We know that in more or less current form, it was first heard during the 1890's in New Orleans.
Thus, in periods after large new gold discoveries - for example, following the California Gold Rush of 1849, and again in the 1890's, when new mining techniques opened up South African, Alaskan, and Australian
The claims are situated along a geological contact trend, previously explored in the 1890's when three short adits were dug out of the hillside.
Part of a series showcasing vintage photos of American towns or attractions, this text presents the history of Carlsbad, New Mexico from its origins in the 1890's as a ranching and farming community through its many faces to the present day as a nuclear storage hub and tourist stop on the way to the caverns.
The first recorded format war was for control of the US electricity market in the 1890's.