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Synonyms for 1880s

the decade from 1880 to 1889

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According to historians the present building appears to have been built in the 1870s or early 1880s.
With few women cyclists of her calibre in the 1880s, she regularly competed against men, usually with only a modest handicap.
In a nearby barn, dressed as an 1880s farmer, Brett Garrett of Batavia, sawed away at a rear leg of a pig, getting it ready to be cured in salt.
Incorporating the perspectives of history, geography, anthropology, cultural and literary studies, and politics, this study examines the movement of Jewish refugees before, during, and after WWII Holocaust as part of longer-term dynamics of forced migration from the 1880s to the present.
'Norway started to export fish to Nigeria in the 1880s and 1890; the relationship was cordial until independent.
The 1953 restaurant The Tower House gave way to other establishments, but the 1880s Queen Anne mansion itself, much altered, finally fell to the wrecking ball in the 21st century and is now a parking lot for the textile mill's newest use -- loft condos called, aptly enough, Kettle Brook Lofts.
The central chimney stack also looks more modern than the 1880s heralding a design feature that was copied nationwide in the semi-detached housing boom of the 1930s.
Molded gutta percha balls - made of tree resin - represented the top golf technology of the day in the 1880s, when Old Tom Morris and his son, Young Tom, were still making the rounds at St.
Forsaking all others; a true story of interracial sex and revenge in the 1880s South.
In the 1880s, the Northern Pacific and Manitoba Railway constructed a line in the vicinity of Miami, In the course of railway construction, it made a cut over 200 feet wide and a quarter mile long through shale beds.
In the 1880s, Owen and Jason Brown built a cabin above Pasadena, near a hill they named Little Round Top after the site of a decisive Union victory in the war they helped to launch.
A FEW weeks back I spoke about the rivalry between the great Birmingham mayor and politician Joseph Chamberlain and my great-great-uncle Alderman Reuben Farley, who was the first Mayor of West Bromwich in the 1880s.
in the 1880s. Units will be available this summer with prices ranging from $4 million to $13 million, with a third of the 36 units reportedly already sold.
"You could return the workshops to the way they would have looked in the 1880s, or you could opt for a slightly later period.
Built in the 1880s, the historic Co Tyrone structure was one of Northern Ireland's best-known landmarks.