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the decade from 1880 to 1889

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The first was in 1975 with a beat-up 1880's .38-40 rebarreled and recylindered to .45.
The factory, first established in the 1880's, currently manufactures up to 37m wirecut bricks per annum and has a strong product offering that complements the geography and market segment of Michelmersh.
"Wands": "Wands" is a VR role-playing game set in 1880's London.
Constructed in the late 1880's as part of a row of four houses by William H.
He writes: 'This New English Dictionary, for which work was begun in 1858, was by the 1880's drawing on the help of thirteen hundred scholars (it was to draw on at least another thousand before it was finished) and was to take seventy years to complete.
At the home of Nathan Cuffy, officers found ammunition, two handguns and two revolvers, including the 1880's weapon that was still in working order.
They patrol along the American-Canadian border in the mid 1880's. In the first book of a new series they combat murderous whiskey smugglers, a ranch baron and sabotage to new Canadian Pacific railroad.
Back in 1880's, Tiffany became famous for buying jewels from the European royalty and selling them the growing bourgeois of NYC.
Here, nearly half of the show's adolescent ensemble are hearing impaired, their characters directly impacted by the consequences of 1880's Second International Congress on Education of the Deaf.
In the 1880's both Winchester and Marlin copied that length exactly but tapered (not necked) the case down to .40 caliber.
Former slave Clara White began feeding hungry people from her Jacksonville home in the 1880's. Her daughter, Dr.
It includes photographs dating back to the late 1880's through present day.
The opening scenes of his film are set in the early 1880's in Llanuwchllyn around two brothers from the Jones family who had a serious disagreement whilst in a tavern.
In the 1880's, with the decline of the Old Empires, the political situation deterred even this kind of ecumenical dialogue; ecumenism was replaced by a missionary expansion abetted by colonialist nationalism.
The film, which will begin shooting in September, will be helmed by Aussie filmmaker Kieran Darcy-Smith, and will see Hemsworth, 24, in the role of 'David', a Texas Ranger from 1880's who is sent to an isolated frontier town to investigate a chain of murders, while Harrelson plays a dominating local preacher named Abraham who keeps the town under his grip, Deadline.com reported.