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the decade from 1870 to 1879

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A bar has been created inside the Victorian pumping station which dates back to the 1870s.
The agency group seems to include White Bull, who was being photographed in the 1870s when the non-treaty bands were keeping to themselves far to the west.
1870S REVISITED: From left, above, Queen's Square and Erimus Club, Middlesbrough High School and the Masonic Hall on Marton Road - parts of the first two still survive but the Masonic Hall is no more PEEK INSIDE: Middlesbrough Railway Station in the 1870s, above VICTORIAN VIEW: The procession outside the old town hall, below, St John's Church with its different tower, left, and The Royal Exchange shortly after it was built in 1868, right
Most of the Jews who were in their prime in the 1870s had arrived in Cincinnati as immigrants in the 1840s and '50s," Sarna continues.
And let's not forget the cartridge development happening in the 1870s.
From the late 1870s into the 1890s, many fine French Beb'e dolls were made, and Jumeau is a good example from the late 1870s.
The Cutty Sark was used to deliver tea from China in the 1870s and later carried wool from Australia.
By the 1870s African-American women reformers were allying with elite black men, rather than their white female colleagues, for support.
Dear Editor, Not many of us were around in the 1870s to know Joe Chamberlain, but maybe your correspondent Greville Warwick was.
Spanning the late 1870s down to the present day, "Riding, Roping, And Roses" features the examples of women drawn from many parts of Colorado.
Here he fails to build on the idea that the republican movement in Britain was essentially about the hereditary principle and the land monopoly, and so much more needed saying in chapter 4 about the republican movement of both the 1870s and 1880s: for example, Charles Bradlaugh collected a quarter of a million signatures on petitions in 1881 against perpetual pensions, which gives some measure of the popular opposition to "outdoor relief for aristocratic families," and he subsequently introduced bills in the Commons on this issue and on the cultivation of 'waste' lands.
The world Ames was entering was one of black hopes and virulent white resentment--a virulence that, in the early 1870s, turned repulsively violent.
Since its introduction in the 1870s, sheep rearing has been a profitable staple of the Patagonian economy, spawning a rich vernacular of outhouses and barns (for storing and drying sheepskins) along with shepherd's bothies, stables, kennels and estancias.
Epidemics ravaged New Orleans and other parts of the South during the 1870s.
And his favorite book; the two-volume first edition of Through the Dark Continent, which chronicles Henry Stanley's travels through Africa in the 1870s.