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the decade from 1870 to 1879

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He is dressed in typical fashion for a prosperous Southern Plains man of the 1870s and is also leaning against a robe-covered pillar in front of a the same painted backdrop as the previous photograph.
According to historians the present building appears to have been built in the 1870s or early 1880s.
The "Golden Age" of the Jumeau factory lasted from the late 1870s to the late 1890s, when competition from German dolls caused financial difficulties.
A bar has been created inside the Victorian pumping station which dates back to the 1870s.
"As a show that proudly bears the imprimatur of Bruce Lee, it's our intention to deliver not only explosive martial arts action 6 which we will 6 but also a powerful and complex immigration drama that is as relevant today as it was in the 1870s," he said.
The fashions suggest the 1870s, which would also explain why the focus would be on the old town hall rather than the new one completed in 1889.
Jews benefited enormously from the Civil War and by the 1870s numbers of them were wealthy.
If ever there was a formative decade in American firearms' history it had to be the 1870s. That was when percussion-type firearms firing separate powder and ball loads ignited by percussion caps were superseded by ones taking metallic cartridges.
Modern-day retailers - including grocers, butchers and bakers (though not candlestick makers) - will learn old-time skills and make produce by hand, as they trade like shopkeepers from six eras of British history, right back to the 1870s.
So far, articles have been promised on a range of topics, including: The Tasmanian economy in the depression of the 1860s and 1870s; Convict labour; Migrants in the labour market after the Second World War; Why so little economic history has been written; Unions at the Electrolytic Zinc Works; and Gunn's timber company.
in the late 1870s. Landis was acquired in 2005 by Fives Group (Paris, France) and has been operating as part of Fives' Cinetic cluster of companies oriented toward automotive manufacture.
In the 1870s, local committees - mainly in the north - tried to emulate the Eisteddfod until, in 1880, Hugh Owen succeeded in establishing the National Eisteddfod Association, which launched the current series of National Eisteddfodau at Merthyr Tydfil in 1881.
The Cutty Sark was used to deliver tea from China in the 1870s and later carried wool from Australia.
By the 1870s African-American women reformers were allying with elite black men, rather than their white female colleagues, for support.
Dear Editor, Not many of us were around in the 1870s to know Joe Chamberlain, but maybe your correspondent Greville Warwick was.