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the decade from 1860 to 1869

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The fine state of the abbey interior is largely due to the Victorian architect and designer William Burges, who was in charge of restorations during the 1860s and 1870s.
While her outspokenness would have been shocking in the 1860s, particularly as a British subject addressing royalty, and eyebrow-raising in 1951 when ``The King & I'' opened on Broadway, it has lost its impact on its audience over time.
By shifting the emphasis away from Prussia and focusing her compamtive analysis on the period of the 1850s and 1860s, she demonstrates how the mid-sized German states sought support from their citizens in policies involving railway construction, an official press, primary and secondary schooling, and cultural institutions like museums and historical societies.
Lancashire's Old Trafford ground, their home since the 1860s
Sheldon, Texas Established in the early 1860s, the town was named after a stockholder in the railroad company, Henry K Sheldon of New York.
It seems Abe Grady, born around 160 years ago in County Clare, and who emigrated to the United States in the 1860s, was the boxing legend's maternal great-grandfather.
In the 1860s, Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, an explosive using the volatile compound nitroglycerin.
Oomoo was a stalwart label in the Hardys range from the early 1860s right up until the 1930s.
Doing, who portrayed a Union soldier from the 55th Ohio, leaned on his rifle as he explained some of the things expected of soldiers in the 1860s.
Gradually, the idea of inoculation took hold, but immunization against smallpox did not become generally accepted until the milder vaccination using cowpox virus was identified by Edward Jenner in the 1860s.
The aim of this new book is to not to displace these earlier interpretations, but rather to put them in a wider context: to demonstrate how the idea of the nation was understood by various constituencies in the mid-Victorian period, and to explore the various cultural and social contexts--gendered and racialized, as well as class specific--in which ideas of the nation were deployed in the politics of the 1860s.
It seems Abe Grady, born around 160 years ago in County Clare, emigrated to the United States in the 1860s.
Since the 1860s, scientists have been debating whether dinosaurs sired birds.
E[acute accent]Originally built as an army camp in the 1860s, Fort Collins today is a modern city that is home to Colorado State University, a thriving technology industry, and boasts several galleries and a slew of dance, music and theater companies.
The all-black regiment first mapped, then policed the American frontier in the late 1860s, when the wounds of slavery and the Civil War were still fresh.