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the decade from 1860 to 1869

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"For example that version of The Lowlands Of Holland that we sing - I found the lyrics for that song in a book that was written in the 1860's .
The Videojet 1860's 45-degree slanted printhead design delivers increased versatility through easy line integration and more mounting options than a 90-degree printhead to provide closer proximity to the product.
Although they are pretty rudimentary, the 1860's sights provide a precise sight picture, assuming good light and a contrasting target.
Ayre insists he will remain at the club even in the event of relegation, but knows that 1860's next fixture, at high-flying Dynamo Dresden tonight, could be pivotal.
Native nurses have been healing people since hospital nursing programs were started in the United States in the 1860's, but state registries to register nurses were not started until 1917.
Now it seems Schindler, 26 and 1860's skipper in the 2 Bundesliga, is of interest.
I continued to write reluctant reader books about non-white teens, among them a mixed-race teen with a goofy name in Hawaii (Drift), a Chinese kid in 1860's New York (The Gamble), a Native teen with an imprisoned father (Target), and a black teen with a brain-injured veteran dad (Collateral Damage).
"You enter the town as you would a farmer's house," wrote one American in the 1860's, passing first "through the pigsty into the kitchen".
During its peak in the 1850's and 1860's, it is said that more than 30,000 slaves escaped to the North.
154 Stanton Street was erected in the 1860's and is a 3,600 s/f building that has an additional 3,100 s/f of air rights.
Sberbank is grossly undervalued at a market cap of only $26bn even though the Russian Central Bank owns 52 per cent of its shares and its pedigree goes back to the Romanov Tsars, since the bank was founded by Tsar Alexander II in the 1860's when Lincoln lived in the White House.
Filled with vivid pictures and interesting anecdotes, Maria Laurino tells the stories of the immigrants of the 1860's all the way to modern day Italians like chef Mario Batali and designer Gianni Versace.
Before "rock oil" became readily available in the 1860's, whale oil was used both for lubrication and lighting.
In addition, the 1860's creeping ratchet loading lever operates much more smoothly than some of the earlier designs.