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the decade from 1860 to 1869

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Sberbank is grossly undervalued at a market cap of only $26bn even though the Russian Central Bank owns 52 per cent of its shares and its pedigree goes back to the Romanov Tsars, since the bank was founded by Tsar Alexander II in the 1860's when Lincoln lived in the White House.
Filled with vivid pictures and interesting anecdotes, Maria Laurino tells the stories of the immigrants of the 1860's all the way to modern day Italians like chef Mario Batali and designer Gianni Versace.
They made the controversial decision to groundshare with hated rivals Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena - the Arena's skin colour lighting is changed to 1860's blue when the team plays.
Before "rock oil" became readily available in the 1860's, whale oil was used both for lubrication and lighting.
In the 1860's a traveller from the North coming to Middlesbrough would be left at the shed which did duty as a railway station, then would have to cross the river in an open cobble boat.
Civil War in the 1860's decided the issue with the emancipation of the slaves after southern states attempted to secede.
Civil War Living HistoryTwo-day recreation of the 1860's American Civil War featuring re-enactors from all many areas of New England, 9 a.
The second definition originated in the 1860's in a Confederate prisoner-of-war stockade and involves gun violence, so we'll focus on the first definition.
Long before its natural history drew the huddled holidaying masses, the town's people got along nicely producing pipe tobacco, snuff and Mint Cake, an invention from the 1860's that's still made and sold today.
This is a great yarn about how life was tough and the risks people took to build a better life in New Zealand in the 1860's.
This concho was in a historic Cheyenne campsite, and dates from the late 1860's.
In its original military context, as defined by General Ulysses Grant in the 1860's, strategy is: "the deployment of one's resources in a manner which is most likely to defeat the enemy.
In the 1860's, diamonds were found in South Africa.
Ultimately, styles of men's facial hair changed, and by the 1860's it was so accepted to have a beard that a little girl wrote to President Lincoln encouraging him to grow one, to improve his presidential appearance.