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the decade from 1850 to 1859

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This reference book details what is known about building masts for the American merchant marine fleet in the 1850s, the heyday of clipper ships.
The first room is a recreation of a Victorian parlour in the 1850s with the second featuring a collection of books, letters and personal items connected to the man with many donated by the Jerome family.
A stage in Honley has been transformed into 1850s New York this week.
The mid 1850s was the company's heyday when it employed more than 1,000 people.
The 1850s and 1860s are arguably the least researched decades in the history of modern Germany.
In fact, Brunel engineered the South Wales line from Gloucester to Swansea in the late 1840s and extended it subsequently to Milford Haven and to Fishguard in the 1850s. Brunel died in 1859, the victim of overwork and problems with his last great steamship, the 30,000 ton Great Eastern.
The same is true for William Wells Brown, which has the valuable effect of showing just how prevalent Brown's "literary presence"--to use Bruce's term--was in American, English, and African American letters in the 1840s and 1850s.
In the 1850s, a fugitive slave named Hannah Crafts penned the account of a young woman's life in slavery and her escape to the North.
He made the calculation from population trends since records showed that 200,000 Irish immigrants had arrived in Scotland by the 1850s.
John Beasley Greene, one of the most important photographers in Egypt during the 1850s, records historical monuments bathed in a delicate golden hue emerging from the horizon like magical shimmering apparitions.
He does discuss incidents of conflict and mistrust, describing how they grew after the 1850s due to stresses on resources from massive migration and sovereignty challenges from new treaty obligations, but nevertheless noting how amity and cooperation largely remained the rule.
HAVE we been transported back in time to the 1850s or was there a news item over the weekend about a horse theft in Donegal?
Mr Davis wrote Starving in Bedworth - Will Not Pay the Loan, a factual account of the town's ribbon weavers who left the area in the 1850s to start new lives in Australia.
DRINKING fountains were built in the 1850s to stop dockers from spending too much time in the pub.
The group also wants to hear from anyone with information on the local workhouse (Springfield) from the 1850s.