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the decade from 1850 to 1859

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Cartridge revolvers actually began in the 1850's when Smith & Wesson brought out their No.
When New England lumbermen moved to the Pacific Northwest in the 1850's, they were accustomed to using fish oil as lubricant, and they were familiar with the Spiny Dogfish and its oil (Gedosch, 1968).
Amongst this group, however, is a political celebrity recognisable to any literate Parisian in the 1850's, Proudhon.
His father's family emigrated from Germany to Iowa in the 1850's and married into families that provided soldiers for the Union.
To demonstrate this, his profiles include the antislavery Daniel Webster, who, to maintain the Union, supported the compromise of 1850's proviso of the Fugitive Slave Act, which was odious to his fellow statesmen of Massachusetts and presumably to Kennedy in retrospect.
In fact, lead researcher Aaron Davis, head of coffee research, Kew Royalty Gardens, London, England has found records praising this type of tea as far back as the 1850's.
From the table above it is evident that between the 1850's and 1920's not much was published.
military during the 1850's and 60's, a period marked by violent conflict and the creation of the Great Sioux Reservation.
July 22--Branch President and wife attended the fund-raiser for the Loyalist One-Room Schoolhouse in Milby, Quebec, at invitation of Bev Loomis, President of Little Forks Branch, and enjoyed the presentation by historian James Manson on the letters left by members of the Stacey family describing their long struggle to get established as English-speaking farmers in the Eastern Townships in the 1840's and 1850's.
Ben Harris McClary provides an exception: "Among minorities, Negroes were objects of degradation, and Jews, Catholics, and Irish and German immigrants were fair game for Sut's 1850's WASP-ish attention" (236).
In the 1850's there was misplaced fear about Utah and the Mormon community in Washington, D.
We walked alongside higgeldy piggeldy rhyolite walls built by rich landowners in the late 1850's to deprive the locals of the communal land rights they'd held since time immemorial.
In the 1850's when the Rothschilds took another risk, they chose Gold Rush California not the South's Cotton Kingdom, to make a strategic U.
7) Until the 1850's, the notion of 'reserves' did not form part of treaty talks.
This tale of the creation of the beloved American Christmas song may be partly imagined, but its spirit captures the essence of the life and works the pre-Civil War Unitarian minister who preached in a Unitarian church in the 1850's.