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the decade from 1850 to 1859

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We built a log cabin from rescued logs dating back to the 1850's and seek respite there as often as possible where deer, turkey, fox and every imaginable form of wildlife roam.
The Cold War edged to an end in the late 1980's, after the Soviet Union lost a limited peripheral war, much like the Crimean war of the 1850's. The war in Afghanistan in the 1980's finally exhausted the Soviet Union's military and economic potential, impelling it to abandon its satellites in Europe and finally to collapse.
Its roots go all the way back more than 150 years to the ill-fated Volcanic of the 1850's where we find such names as Harold Smith, Daniel Wesson, and Oliver Winchester.
Money changing continued till 1850's when the New East Bank, a
But Strohman and Leahy said another key factor for a judge would be the fact that the county has used the site as a parking lot since 1958, which would likely not meet the 1850's legal definition of a "public square."
One Liberty Warehouse, located directly on the water's edge at the end of Conover Street, was first built in the 1850's and has now been converted into a 15,000 s/f event space and popular destination for weddings, but it's not cheap--the venue goes for north of $50,000 per event.
During its peak in the 1850's and 1860's, it is said that more than 30,000 slaves escaped to the North.
This book looks at the neglected post-emancipation generation of the 1850's who were lured to Panama by the promise of lucrative work and who initiated a pattern of circular migration that would transform the islands economically, socially and politically well into the twentieth century.
Blick auf den Worthersee, um 1850, Ol auf Leinwand, 53 x 92 cm / View of the Worthersee, early 1850's, oil on canvas, 53 x 92 cm
Similarly, the education model in the agrarian society prior to the 1850's was the 'one-room school house' where religious institutions (the church) delivered moral education and the family head passed the necessary employable skills of the time to their children.
Sinolink Productions, the production company behind the opera, decided to bring their show to Liverpool, a city known for its rich Chinese history and a vibrant community dating back to the late 1850's, making China Town in Liverpool Europe's oldest.
Our story starts in Ireland in the 1850's where a young John Fitzgerald decided to make the move to Great Britain, more specifically Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
McKinley did not disappoint those who had contributed generously to the Republican coffers since the 1850's; he gave them their sugar-coated wars.
Phenol was first isolated from coal tars in the 1850's and is currently produced by the oxidation of cumene.
How could it be that this student of Professor Leo Strauss, this ardent author of a brilliant book on the slavery controversy in the 1850's, this respected teacher of political theory, would lend his intelligence to [Barry Goldwater's] cause?