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the decade from 1850 to 1859

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The changes that have occurred in the AFL since the inception of Australian football in and around the 1850's are numerous but tend to fall into these areas: (a) the rise of professionalism or the professionalisation of the sport, (b) the transformation of the game from sport to entertainment, and the relationship between the fans, supporters, and members to both the league and its member clubs.
Sinolink Productions, the production company behind the opera, decided to bring their show to Liverpool, a city known for its rich Chinese history and a vibrant community dating back to the late 1850's, making China Town in Liverpool Europe's oldest.
Phenol was first isolated from coal tars in the 1850's and is currently produced by the oxidation of cumene.
How could it be that this student of Professor Leo Strauss, this ardent author of a brilliant book on the slavery controversy in the 1850's, this respected teacher of political theory, would lend his intelligence to [Barry Goldwater's] cause?
It is envisaged that the instrument should have its sonic roots in Nordic 1850's style.
Japan responded to the arrival of American and Russian warships in the 1850's by building a navy strong enough to defeat Russia at sea in 1905 and to attack the US fleet in Pearl Harbor in 1941.
Tommy Lee Jones writes, directs and stars in this period drama set in 1850's Nebraska as claim jumper George Briggs who helps Mary Bee Cuddy (Hilary Swank) and three women ?
Although cartridge-firing handguns first appeared in the late 1850's in Smith & Wesson's tiny .
Most of the critics identify the availability of sources present to Marx on Asia around 1850's which led him to flawed conclusions.
After all, this is the same Crimea that Russia deemed worthy of sacrificing hundreds of thousands of troops to safeguard in a bloody war against an alliance of European and Ottoman forces in the 1850's.
We have just experienced the wettest January for 250 years, in the 1850's a January was also wet however just 8mm less then this year.
It's especially fortunate that Lapointe's book appeared just now, in time to prepare readers for the first complete English translation of the Wissenschaftslehre (by Rusnock and Paul George, forthcoming, Oxford)--along with the first English translation of 1850's The New Anti-Kant, the definitive record of Bolzano's section-by-section critical engagement with Kant first Critique (by Lapointe and Tolley, forthcoming, Palgrave).
Franchising began back in the 1850's when Isaac Singer invented the sewing machine.
Results in the new world were no less dramatic, with the infamous 1850's yellow fever epidemics that swept through the southern states of the USA claiming mortality rates of up to 85%, according to official Osier's statistics, whereas the mortality figures gathered at homoeopathic hospitals were between 5% and 6%.