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the decade from 1840 to 1849

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Garfield Farm Museum is a 375-acre historically intact former 1840s prairie farmstead and teamster inn that volunteers and donors are preserving as an 1840s living history museum.
Beginning in the 1840s when a Welsh cowkeeper and his wife migrated to London, only to find a seemingly endless abyss of crushing poverty, The Cowkeeper's Wish is a saga of tragedy, perseverance, war, insane asylums, and emigration to Canada.
The ongoing power-sharing 1840s crisis in the North could also come up.
He did much to establish the public library system in the 1840s. The statue on the opposite side of Bridge St is the Doves of Peace, sculptor Michael Lyons.
The study compares agricultural land use in six Welsh parishes, as recorded in 1840s tithe records and digitised through the Heritage Lottery-funded Cynefin project, with equivalent anonymised data recorded in the 2015 Integrated Administration Control System (IACS) - records which must be updated annually by farmers under Common Agricultural Policy rules.
Arable farming: Since the 1840s, crop production in Wales has slumped 85%, from 2,561ha to just 385ha.
Helen's book, Poison Panic: Arsenic Deaths in 1840s Essex, will be published next year by Pen & Sword.
The author successfully contrasts the restrictive conditions of women in the 1840s with the earthy Scottish folklore and throws in some imaginative gadgetry to make this a timeless novel.
One of the first mentions of a "bathing house'' here dates from the 1840s and was located in the Trumbull House, once the second county courthouse, now a residence on Massachusetts Avenue.
Until then the fine works had been hung at St Michael and All Angels' Church in Withyham, East Sussex, after they were donated by Edward John Ottley in the 1840s.
The Shropshire Union Railways and Canal Company was formed in the 1840s with the intention of switching from canal to rail freight by building tracks along the canal beds.
Last year 24 young volunteers went back in time at gothic-style Featherstone Castle in the Tyne Valley - dressed in period costume and working and living as their ancestors would have done in the 1840s.
Washington, Jan 15 ( ANI ): The trend of exchanging Valentines' day greetings was started by a Mount Holyoke College graduate in the 1840s.
The new book - Whitby Photographers, Their Lives And Their Photographs From The 1840s - is by Ruth Wilcock, a local historian and amateur photographer, who has known Whitby since her childhood.