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the decade from 1840 to 1849

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Helen's book, Poison Panic: Arsenic Deaths in 1840s Essex, will be published next year by Pen & Sword.
It was one of two ships that <Bdisappeared in the late 1840s while searching for the Northwest Passage
One of the first mentions of a "bathing house'' here dates from the 1840s and was located in the Trumbull House, once the second county courthouse, now a residence on Massachusetts Avenue.
Despite their superiority over the horse and cart, from the 1840s the railways took over, as they could transport people and goods far more quickly than the walking pace of canal boats.
1,500 The number of people who remembered the victims of the Great Famine during a memorial service in Drogheda, Co Louth MILLION The number of people who died in Ireland from starvation and disease when the potato crop failed during the 1840s
I doubt any of the time travellers will forget their work with this project, or what life was like in the 1840s and 1940s in Northumberland.
Donated by card collector Marjorie Eames in 1993, the Mount Holyoke valentine collection spans the 1840s to the 1980s and contains several original valentines made by Howland's New England Valentine Co.
The volunteers from Northumberland schools will spend four days next week in the 1840s "Big Brother" house based at Featherstone Castle, near Haltwhistle.
The last still in the Outer Hebrides shut in the 1840s.
Carol Clark (art history and American studies, Amherst College) provides a biographical essay and another on telling tales in 1840s America.
Carol Clark's CHARLES DEAS AND 1840S AMERICA (9780806140308, $39.
POPPIES AND POLITICS IN CHINA: SICHUAN PROVINCE, 1840S TO 1940S covers Chinese social history and politics during an era where it was the most important opium-producing and consuming country in the world.
The disc, which costs pounds 5, gives a well-documented insight into the beginnings of the park in the 1840s and its history to date.
She begins her history with a look at the eighteenth-century legacy and then turns to the discovery of ether in the 1840s in America.
John Sydney came the Australia in the early 1840s and went out back to try his luck as a grazier.