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the decade from 1830 to 1839

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The collection holds photographs and works of art from the 1830s onwards and includes images of exploration, indigenous peoples and remote locations.
Critique: "The Heritage Keeper" is an historical novel based on the true experience of a girl growing up on the West African coast in the 1830s in what is now called Sierra Leon.
Try training as a young person in the 1830s and learn the discipline, drills, target practice, arms, clothing and personal equipment that were required.
Excessive expansion created a bubble that burst in the late 1830s with the collapsing price of wheat and cotton in Europe, the federal government's new policy requiring land purchases to be paid for in specie rather than paper currency, and British restrictions on lending.
This working-class movement of the 1830s soon turned nasty and it was reported that masterworkmen of Birmingham were making pikes which were sold to fellow agitators for 1s 8p each or 2s 6p polished.
Although set in 1830s Russia, the theme of insanity and politics still lives on today, which so many audiences will find fascinating.
during the 1830s and '40s, wandering Utes stole women and children by the score from Paiutes in the Great Basin and sold them readily as slaves and house-help to Mexican traders moving along the Old Spanish Trail between Santa Fe and L.
He wrote: "My character must display natural grace and poise - as was expected of a young aristocrat and dandy of 1830s French society.
FELINFOEL Brewery is situated just outside Llanelli and is the oldest brewery in Wales, dating from the 1830s and is still family-owned.
According to the BBC, Carey has been included on the longlist for his latest novel Parrot and Oliver in America, which is said to be inspired by travels made around the US in the 1830s by the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville.
The island, which was named after a ship that passed by in the 1830s, is 60km long and 30km wide and is renowned for its manufacture of large sea-going canoes.
A historic 1830s farmhouse sits on the property, and the town passed a law within the last month that prevents it from being torn down.
The 10-bedroom Georgian villa was home to pals of the young Barrie in the 1830s.
Today's modern reproductions of famous sixguns, and their evolution from the first cap-and-ball revolvers of the 1830s to the metallic cartridge firing models of the 1870s and 1880 are presented in eight fact-filled chapters with extensive photography.
Word History: In the 1830s Boston newspapers were full of abbreviations.