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the decade from 1830 to 1839

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But by the time you get to the 1830's the Native Americans have all been wiped out in that part of the country, you know, and most of the stories, I think of black Native American cultural connection, except in places like here.
The Jackson Mills Dam in Nashua, NH was built in the 1830's and had been renovated many times.
More American than Southern explores the social forces that drove Kentucky's loyalties--though Kentucky was a slave state that had strong historical and cultural ties with the South, a growing urban middle class in the 1830's swayed its demographics, forming a population base that saw no need for slavery or a "master class" of plantation owners.
Historically underrated, the double rifles and combination guns made in upstate New York and New England from the 1830's until the metallic cartridge era of the 1870's were very popular for big game hunting--well made, well regulated and surprisingly affordable, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
The process that started in the 1830's continued until the 1950's in some cities and a period of draperies and agencies, which usually connoted the sales of imported goods, was witnessed.
A group of dedicated citizens came together to transform a collection of ramshackle buildings, remnants of a small industrial center from the 1830's, in the skating pond that is still used to this day.
Designed by Philip Charles Hardwick in the early 1830's, it was the counterpart to the Euston Arch by the same architect, which was controversially demolished in the '60s.
In 1830's Peel's London police began to attract notice.
He was Middlesbrough's first "off putter"[Harbour Master] and was the inspiration behind the system of navigational lights developed on the Tees in the 1830's.
The Walnut Street Prison, located in Philadelphia, PA, had been known to offer vocational instruction since the 1830's.
During the late 1830's, what had begun as a trickle of emigrants grew to a steady stream as White Louisianans intensified their efforts to remove the free people of color from the prairies.
Just the other day, in our flea market in Palermo, I came across a carpenter's brace made in England in the 1830's, a wondrous contraption of polished ebony and brass, as shiny and workmanlike today as it was when Victoria married Albert.
However, after the independence of the Thirteen Colonies, the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the annexation of Florida in 1819, the ethnic cleansing of the Deep South in the 1830's (our hero, Andrew Jackson), the statehood of Texas in 1845, the conquest of 500,000 square miles in the Mexican War of 1846-8, the Civil War of 1861-5, The Emancipation, the Alaska Purchase of 1867, the annexation of Hawaii in 1898, and the annexation of Puerto Rico in 1900, the end product was the United States of America--however flawed, still the finest example of democracy the world has yet seen.
The Rescue of True Womanhood: Convents and Anti-Catholicism in 1830's in America.
In the 1830's Mexico didn't have the resources to keep out the hordes of Americans pouring into Texas.