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the decade from 1820 to 1829

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He was a resourceful Obeah man in the 1820's, and he received island wide attention for his spiritual leadership in the 1823 Boxing Day conspiracy in the parish of St.
Robusta coffee was brought from its origin in The Congo river valleys to Sri Lanka by British planters in the 1820's and planted in the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
16) Although Baillie's continuous playwriting from 1800 until the 1820's is ample evidence of her abiding belief in the possibility of the stage to effect change, this conviction diminished with time and experience.
HH highlighted the historical relations that goes back to 1820's and expressed the wish to continue these good relations.
Earlier, in the seminar, advocates of Kashmir Shaivism, a Hindu philosophy that believes in man's potential to attain supreme God-consciousness through realization, subtly struck a chord with Western Transcendentalist movement of 1820's which has some similar facets but inclusive than the former.
5) From the 1820's through the end of the nineteenth century, the number of these institutions expanded rapidly as America received an influx of immigrants and farmers seeking employment in the city.
This policy led to the deforestation of tribal areas and the loss of livelihood caused a series of rebellions in the 1820's by the nomadic peoples who had now been forced into a life of banditry.
Already by the 1820's, however, true immigrants--immigrants as distinguished from colonists--were beginning to arrive from Western Europe, until by the 1840's their numbers were great enough to provoke a public reaction against them powerful enough to create and sustain its own political party, the so-called Know Nothings.
The first were forgotten until the 1820's, when people began to be interested in their history.
The 1820's saw a new upsurge in periodical publication.
1966) Democracy, Liberty, and Property: The State Constitutional Conventions of the 1820's, Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.
This is one important aspect of her legacy to the French Romanticism of the turn of the century and to its second wave in the 1820's and '30's.
Summary: In the 1820's an English nobleman is captured and enslaved by the Lakota.
This Note will set forth the importance of Resolution 1820's enactment and discuss methods needed to make Resolution 1820 more effective.