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the decade from 1820 to 1829

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see also Wallstrom, supra note 1 (discussing Resolution 1820's impact); Melissa Goldenberg Goldstoff, Note, Security Council Resolution 1820: An Imperfect But Necessary Resolution to Protect Civilians From Rape in War Zones, 16 CARDOZO J.
Modern central banking got its start in the collapse of the British canal boom of the early 1820's.
As a result of Davy's promotion (and self promotion) chemistry became not only popular but ultra fashionable by the end of the 1820's.
Spanning 4,750 sq ft, 35 Calthorpe Road is a landmark Georgian building dating back to the 1820's.
The roses, daffodils and shamrocks of the particularly dainty floral motif were cut out from the original lace and hand-sewn onto the silk tulle of the decollete, sleeves and train by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace, using a Carrickmacross lace-making technique, which originates from 1820's Ireland.
In the 1820's a tradition of a ballet sung in Italian emerged at the Innsbruck imperial court, and the Viennese imperial court routinely employed Italian choreographers, composers, librettists, and set designers.
But in 1820's Scotland, there is no bigger chasm than that between the classes.
Only in the 1820's could middle class tourists begin to follow the pastimes of the wealthy, by making trips up the Hudson River valley north of New York City.
Some argued that Resolution 1820's exclusive focus on sexual violence would undercut the powerful breadth of SCR 1325 and reduce its importance.
Gauss' measurements of space curvature from three mountaintops in Hanover in the 1820's made long before relativity theory was introduced.
Results of the project show that circles inversion concepts invented in the 1820's by Jacob Steiner are extremely useful in breaking down complex problems into much simpler ones.
The ranch lands were once hunting grounds for the Paiute, Shoshone and Bannock tribes and was also the location of historic British Hudson's Bay Company and American fur-trapping expeditions in the 1820's.
As he points out, much of the 1830's poetry does not seem to manifest the political engagement of 1820's works by EBB; in fact, the poet "appears to withdraw somewhat from direct commentary upon political issues," turning to "large mythic narratives, landscape poetry, and religious verse" (p.
Written by history scholar Patricia Averill, Cameron: Family, Technology and Religion in a Rust Belt Town as Seen by Averills, Nasons, McCormicks, and Others Who Passed Through is the true story of a Michigan town that originated in the 1820's, enjoyed the leisurely procession of a traditional local history common to Midwestern towns up through the 1950's, then endured a catastrophic decline when its industrial economy soured.