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the cardinal number that is the sum of seventeen and one

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being one more than seventeen

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Originally hailing from Winnipeg, 37-year-old Wittebolle has been with 18 AD since 1995.
18 AD Regt is a part of 41 Canadian Brigade Group headquartered in Calgary, which in turn belongs to Land Force Western Area in Edmonton.
During the 18 ADS events, the atmospheric particles were sampled at Hsiaomen site (23[degrees]38'471" N; 119[degrees]30,316" E), which is located at the northwestern coastline of the Pescadores Islands and is approximately 12 m above the ground and 500 m and 50 m far from the coastline and the major roads, respectively.
A total of 18 ADS events were observed at the Pescadores Islands from November 2002 to April 2006.
Table 1 summarizes that the ERT-type ADS events accounted for approximately 33.3% of the total of 18 ADS events, which were mostly accompanied with strong northeastern monsoons occurring from late February to April.
According to the probability of transportation routes, it showed that the SST-type ADS was dominant in all ADS transportation routes, accounting for approximately 44.5% of the 18 ADS events.
Consequently, this study selected Al or Fe as trace metals, which are fairly representative in the earth crust, and can be used to calculate the EF of 15 metals of Asian dusts originated from the Inner Mongolia during the 18 ADS events, as shown in Table 2.
This study further applied the grey relational analysis to allocate the source regions of 18 ADS events, as summarized in Table 3.
Figure 6 illustrates and compares three methods for identifying the source regions of 18 ADS events.
In order to further confirm the above three optimal methods feasible for allocating the mostly possible sources of ADS events, this study used the past general method to compare with the above three methods, which calculated the mass ratios of Al and Sr (Al/Sr), which had the highest differences in the 15 metals for 18 ADS events.
This study successfully combined backward trajectory calculation, enrichment factor, and grey relational analysis to allocate the potential source(s) of 18 ADS events, and identified the transportation routes of Asian dusts transported from the Inner Mongolia to the Pescadores Islands.
They reported, "Worst--finding appropriate journal articles" and "the articles are not helpful and take up valuable time finding them." Another theme was that there were too many online discussions (18 ADs in each class, outside class time of 2.5 hours per week per course): "Have less online discussions and VCEs and have more group work."