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the decade from 1790 to 1799

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But Wales attracted some astonishing people in this period - a young Turner, who came five times in the 1790s, passionately sketching and painting; Wordsworth, who had a visionary moment at the top of Snowdon; and Coleridge, who got into a political brawl in a pub in Bala.
Tehran itself was a very modest settlement in the 1790s, when the brand new Qajar Dynasty decided to put its capital there.
He cites Hester Bateman, who presided over the biggest factory in London in the late 1790s.
But near the end of that long career he changed tact and emerged as a Gothicist, famous for his quixotic Fonthill Abbey which he began in the 1790s.
Prior to the recent outpouring of books, scholarship on the 1800 presidential race focused on the emergence of national political parties during the 1790s, with the election presented as the capstone event in the process.
What was the name of the political group which imposed a dictatorship of terror in France in the 1790s in the immediate aftermath of the Revolution?
The Peels of the 1790s became one of Britain's leading industrial families, and were pioneers of inventions in the textile industry from their family seat Drayton Manor.
Capitol Dome was originally constructed in the 1790s, and because of its unique structure, the project required detailed planning and precise execution throughout multiple phases.
A classic racehorse in the 1790s owned by Lord Londonderry has been immortalized throughout the area.
Charles Lamb, Coleridge and Wordsworth: Reading Friendship in the 1790s.
Founding Choices: American Economic Policy in the 1790s, edited by Douglas A.
As an indication of the shifting sands on which it is founded, the book's first footnote refers to an interpretative sign in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens about English radical Joseph Gerrald who was transported to New South Wales in the 1790s.
State nullification of federal law has an awkward and difficult history, dating back to attempts by Kentucky and Virginia to ignore the Alien and Sedition Acts in the 1790s and South Carolina's unsuccessful efforts to ignore two federal tariffs in the 1830s.
Two women in the 1790s (each in a troubled marriage to a Supreme Court Justice), become unexpectedly embroiled in judicial politics while having to deal with problematic personal relationships and family lives.