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the decade from 1790 to 1799

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WHAT has happened to an iconic landmark which has stood the test of time in one form or another since the late 1790's? Winter's Gibbet was erected after the murder of Margaret Crozier who lived at "Raw Pele" two miles North of Elsdon, Northumberland.
McDaniel sketches how Ferguson's concerns developed and heightened through his work into the 1790's in the aftermath of the French revolution.
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Comical, political, and satirically rich portraits of community life enliven his two later collections in 1799 and 1806 which were also published in Belfast, the center of Ulster political, intellectual, and literary life in the 1790's and during the decades after the failed rebellion of 1798.
Michelle and Sharon have been inspired by restoring of their 1790's farmhouse and organic gardening on-site.
Residing and working in England and Scotland in the 1790's brought von Baader a first-hand acquaintance with the social evils accompanying industrialization which had beset Great Britain, and which he attributed to the individualism, materialism, and economic liberalism of Adam Smith and his followers.
The Adventurous Heart comprises 63 of these fragments, or what Junger termed "figures" and "capriccios" (after Goya's dreamlike aquatints from the 1790's).
Earlier records indicate that the Philadelphia Prison Society in the United States played a significant role in this direction as they provided books to the Walnut Street Jail in the 1790's. It was however until the 1840's that concrete steps were taken to extend the frontiers of prison libraries.
Common schools before the "common school revival": New York schooling in the 1790's. History of Education Quarterly 12:465-500.
"Conspicuous Consumption: White Abolitionism and English Women's Protest Writing in the 1790's." ELH 61.2 (1994): 341-62.
Hamilton turned America's financial wreckage of the 1780's into prosperity and political coherence in the 1790's.
Scholarly supporters and critics alike have been complicit in this misunderstanding, with critics understandably seeking to de-legitimize recent state measures by associating them with the repudiated doctrine of nullification, especially as practiced by southern states in the 1830's and 1950's, and some supporters equally willing to embrace the nullification label out of a desire to associate them with the Jeffersonian doctrine of nullification invoked in the 1790's. However, when we undertake a close examination of these recent state sovereignty measures, it is evident that they partake of something short of, and other than, nullification.