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the decade from 1790 to 1799

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Hamilton turned America's financial wreckage of the 1780's into prosperity and political coherence in the 1790's.
Scholarly supporters and critics alike have been complicit in this misunderstanding, with critics understandably seeking to de-legitimize recent state measures by associating them with the repudiated doctrine of nullification, especially as practiced by southern states in the 1830's and 1950's, and some supporters equally willing to embrace the nullification label out of a desire to associate them with the Jeffersonian doctrine of nullification invoked in the 1790's.
Charles Darwin's grandfather, the medical doctor Erasmus Darwin, published a theory of evolution in the 1790's.
In the 1790's American domestic politics largely revolved around the bitter Federalist-Republican antagonism over relations with France and Britain.
In the tumult of the 1790's in France, a number of female artists, scientists and writers flourished.
Berkenkotter (writing studies, University of Minnesota) studies the development of individual case histories of the mentally ill from their inception in the 1790's to the present through the perspective of narrative.
Wharmann, "Virtual Representation: Parliamentary Reporting and Language of Class in the 1790's," Past and Present, no.
Coming to political awareness during the 1780s and 1790's, Samuel Taylor Coleridge became highly interested in the nature and social role of law early in his career.
Though published after 1800, Tucker's treatise was based on notes of his lectures given throughout the 1790's and was contemporaneous with the earliest years of the Constitution.
It reminds how much smaller were theatres in England before the 1790's, smaller even than the Cuvillies Theatre in Munich of 1753, where Mozart worked, or Bibiena's Opernhaus in Bayreuth, created in 1747 by the Margrave Wilhelmina, herself both a patron and a composer of opera, which first attracted Wagner to the city.
I believe this style of bag predates the floral ones by at least a quarter century and conceivably first appeared as early as the 1790's.
Freedom" was a value much discussed and fought for at the time and in the 1790's English consumers boycotted sugar from the Caribbean due to slave labour.
Henry McAlpin, a native Scotsman who came to America in the 1790's, owned the plantation.
In his work on 1790's British theater, George Glenn shows that nautical docudrama is used for "moral self-aggrandizement.
195, and "'The Reception Question and the Constitutional Crisis of the 1790's in New Brunswick" (1980) 29 U.