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the decade from 1780 to 1789

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The petites-maitresses were the clients of marchandes de modes, who often epitomized the social and sartorial instability of the 1770s and 1780s.
Gould come immediately to mind--have provoked fresh interest in the 1780s by embedding developments in the fledgling United States into broader international circuits of one type or another.
Dating back to the 1780s, the main house was originally three cottages, with the annex created from where a fourth cottage stood.
WARRIOR NATIONS: THE UNITED STATES AND INDIAN PEOPLES provides a powerful survey documenting eight of the wars that occurred between the 1780s and 1877, explaining what began each conflict and how they were connected.
His topics include the material object, commentaries on the Gold Seal in the 1780s, revival of interest in the Gold Seal during the Meiji era and Miyake Yonekichi's breakthrough, modern science and the Gold Seal, and conspiracy theories and better science.
The town established itself during the 1780s Regarded as the oldest holiday resort in Devon, visitors unable to visit Europe due to the turmoil in France were attracted by the views and medicinal salt waters which were then fashionable.
In the first half of his book, Higgins examines "the 'density' of political culture" in the 1770s and 1780s (7).
The exhibition includes costumes worn in notable Newcastle productions, playbills dating from as far back as the 1780s and theatre programmes.
In the 1780s, just before the French Revolution, the city's crowded above-ground cemeteries became a source of disease, so bodies were dug up and transferred to the catacombs.
So starting in the 1780s, before the French Revolution, workers dug up the old graves.
The divers originally believed the bottles were from the 1780s, but experts dated the champagne to the early 19th century.
Ben Franklin preferred the wild turkey he knew, from the 1780s, a turkey that weighed half as much as the domestic turkeys we feast on each Thanksgiving.
They are believed to be from the 1780s and part of a cargo destined for Russia.
The committee commented that "Rupert Ridgewell examines archival, documentary, and bibliographical evidence to address fundamental questions about the operation and administration of Viennese publisher Artaria's business practices in the 1780s.
The Luckock Shield of Buttons was collected by a Birmingham jeweller in the 1780s at a time when making buttons out of shell was a booming Birmingham industry dominating world production.