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the decade from 1770 to 1779

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Puzzled, even astonished, I turned to the Center's online catalogue of prints and found that Reynolds had indeed painted such a portrait of Abington in the early 1770s, a mezzotint after which was published in 1772 (Fig.
Aretha points out the hypocrisy of the colonists fighting for their freedom from England in the 1770s at the same time they are enslaving Africans.
Q: The attached photos are of an underhammer muzzleloader passed down through generations of my family beginning in the late 1770s to the early 1800s.
"I drive by it twice a day.'' In front of the mansion, two ladies in colonial costume took afternoon tea, explaining to passers-by how the struggle for independence affected home life in 1770s Worcester.
This book documents the history of interracial marriage in New Zealand from the 1770s to the 1970s and the demographic shifts that occurred.
you can go back to the 1770s and smell the horses and listen to the
Meanwhile, in Iran the prospective Atlantic visit has been portrayed as a major development in the history of warfare--even though Iranian tankers sail around the world every day and US Navy warships have been circling the globe since the American revolution of the 1770s.
Here and at right, I man's coat and vest, and a bustle day dress, designed by Covach for the Conservatory's School for Lies, set in the 1770s, on stage through Nov.
Curran shows how by the 1770s popular science books, including many articles of Diderot's Encyclopedie, treated Buffon's idea of "degeneration" as proof of African inferiority.
It gives a snapshot of what life was like in the 1770s and offers some clues about what might have inspired his young mind.
The current racetrack has been in operation since the 1930s while Hereford itself has staged racing in some form since the 1770s so it will be a sad day as that history comes to an end.
The origins lay in the United States' invasion of Canada, something that had been desired since the 1770s. American troops were thoroughly defeated and the country was humiliated by a blockade that severely damaged its economy.
In the 1770s Boulton introduced an insurance system for his workers that served as the model for later schemes, allowing his workers compensation in the event of injury or illness - the first of its kind in any large establishment.
"Oxygen gas was discovered in the 1770s, but it's taken us more than 230 years to finally say with certainty that this very simple molecule exists in space," said lead researcher Paul Goldsmith, NASA's Herschel project scientist at the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.
It starts with events in the 1760s and 1770s that eventually pushed American colonialists to revolt against British tyranny, covers the events of the war for Independence, highlights major battles, and then covers the impact of the Revolution on evolving American social issues and values.