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the decade from 1760 to 1769

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Described as a fast worker, by the 1760s, during the time Brown worked at Weston Park and for King George III, Brown was said to have earnt an average of PS6,000, which would be equivalent to a whopping PS740,000 today, for one commission, where most landscapers would earn PS500.
Over the years it has been suggested that in the 1760s, while visiting Northumberland, Brown advised Sir Walter Blackett not just on the Rothley scheme, but on relocating Wallington's walled garden from one part of the east wood to its present location in the North East corner.
The Gold Balance, Kirkby | This name is a nod to the Reverend Thomas Wilkinson, who was vicar at St Chad's, Kirkby, in the 1760s.
From the 1760s, the technique of covering the underwater portions of ships' hulls with copper sheets protected them against both 'ship worm' and weed growth.
the blocks feature three parallel sage leaves that match images on Franklin's 1760s shilling notes for Delaware's government, which bear the ominous slogan "To Counterfeit is DEATH.
William Paine was the son of a prominent local judge and had been sent to Harvard College and studied medicine in the 1760s.
Quebec's identity has been contentious since the 1760s when the British completed their takeover of what was then called New France.
In order to give the pre-1793 Irish militia and the ideas that surrounded it the prominence they deserve, he highlights its social importance, especially before the 1760s, its roles in defining men's places in local hierarchies, and in negotiating the relationship between individual and state, and in demonstrating the nature of the nation's polity to outsiders.
The canal arrived in the 1760s, then came industrial expansion throughout the 1800s and early/mid 1900s.
Donald Marshall, a Mi'kmaq who had been charged with fishing eels out of season, fishing without a licence, and fishing with an illegal net, successfully argued to the Supreme Court that treaties from the 1760s gave him a right to catch fish for sale and excused him of fisheries regulations.
Even though the symbol 'x' has been universally acknowledged to represent a kiss since the 1760s, the trademark 'xo' continues to creep into our corporate lives and encroach on what is deemed acceptable social etiquette and professionalism.
Visitors can find out everything about the town, from how Roman legions arrived in the third century to how in the 1760s one Methusala Jones, from Arfon, started Diffwys Quarry.
By the 1760s, issues of authority and sovereignty created perplexing questions, in part because Americans lived under multiple lawmaking entities.
People living in the Gevaudan region of France during the 1760s found themselves confronted with a horrible beast which ravaged the countryside.
The 1760s and 1770s witnessed coercive campaigns in the Commonwealth by both Uniates and Polish authorities, and Orthodox with Russian backing, to force Orthodox into the Unia and vice versa.