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the decade from 1760 to 1769

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Instead, he provides a nicely narrated integration of the problem of the beast into the social and cultural issues facing France in the 1760s.
By comparison with earlier Polish efforts against the Orthodox in the early eighteenth century (which are passed over with little detail) and especially the coercive campaigns by both Orthodox and Uniates in the 1760s and 1770s, Catherine's campaign in 1794-1795 is striking precisely because of the "tolerant" way in which it was conducted.
A new collection of Kant's writings from the 1760s is particularly welcome now, as this period has received a great deal of scholarly attention in recent years.
For example, American objections to parliamentary authority in the 1760s were at least partly the result of a reluctance to pay the more onerous taxes imposed by the British to finance the debt created by the Seven Years War.
A fashionable English dandy in the 1760s was known by the slang term macaroni.
The Moffatt-Ladd House in Portsmouth was built in the 1760s and has survived due to the efforts of generations of women, including Katharine Moffatt Whipple, left (oil on canvas attributed to John Greenwood, 1727-1792).
Mr Heywood is concerned with the relationship between childhood and recollections thereof between the 1760s and 1930s.
RHUBARB comes from Russia and was first grown in the UK in the 1760s.
Peter in Salzburg, where Haydn was employed in the late 1760s.
The best period is without doubt the first 30 years of the century for Holland and the very few continental workshops elsewhere; but England continued to produce very attractive work until the 1760s, after which the quality of both Dutch and English decoration radically declined.
Isaac is at the height of his powers in conjuring the poignancy of Carter's situation as it was swept up into escalating political tensions and household strains in the 1760s and 1770s.
Mozart and his sister Nannerl, popularized four-hand playing with their European tours of the 1760s.
By the early 1760s Franklin had become a thoroughgoing imperialist and royalist.
In the 1760s, British soldiers spread smallpox in Boston and Quebec by giving Native Americans blankets with smallpox scabs.
The Grade I listed mansion house, which was designed by Robert Adam in the 1760s, was owned by descendants of the Verneys until the last owner, Baron Willoughby de Broke, was forced to sell it in 1921.